by kaiconfusion

The journey has begun… We have entered Asian land…
It’s hot here about 30 C. The city of Kuala Lumpur has changed to what it was a few years ago. It has increased busyness, more skyscrapers have been build and it inhabits more people. It’s still pretty cheap especially under consideration of it’s modernity. We enjoy the culinary delights and the tropic climate, even though it is still quite challenging to adapt to that rapid change of temperature and humidity. Today we will head on to the great island of Pulau Tioman. We will head to a beach which we hope to be comparably pristine. I have visited the island some years ago. Back then it was awesome! This time is monsoon season that means the sea will be rough and it’s raining a lot but who doesn’t like tropical pour downs? To get to the place we need to undertake a 7km hike through the jungle after we have arrived on the island after a bumpy boat ride from Malaysia’s mainland, to be hopefully rewarded with a secluded tropical paradise. We are dreaming of turquoise water, white sand beaches, coral reefs and multicoloured sea creatures, coconut trees, the jungle and our own hut…
More news when we get back…



4 Comments to “ARRIVAL”

  1. Hey Ihr Beiden,

    hoffe ihr verbringt Weihnachten am sonnigen Strand im Schatten von Palmen… Hier bricht langsam aber sicher der Winter an, aber immerhin haben wir noch meistens und tagsüber Plusgrade.

    Besito an euch beide 😉

    Liebst der Nils

    • hey Schnilsi! Merci für deine mail. Ick freu ma imma üba Post!
      Cool did mit dem Baskenland wieder mal raus und weg vom Berliner Winter!
      Sicher ne ganz spannende Aufgabe. Musst du da schon richtig unterrichten?
      Was wird dann aus deiner Wanderschaft? machst du das in deinen freien Monaten?
      Bist du dann eigentlich bei Uschue in der nähe?
      Achja schreib mir doch mal die links zu dem light wight typen…
      Zum Sommer kommst du dann nach Berlin zurück und arbeitest neben dem Studium
      schon als Lehrer? Krass alter!
      Gehab auch du dich wohl ich – wir, freuen uns immer über news and olds niemals
      fühlt dich gedrückt und wenns dich mal ganz dolle juckt steig in Fliecher und mach mit…

  2. enjoy the trip buddy, today not so hot though

    • Hey dude! Nice to hear from you! I never new you were blogging.
      I guess because I am just so new to this exquisite society..
      I haven’t had so much time to read it but had a quick look over
      Very nice!
      What are you up to man? Stay in Greece witness the ship sinking
      or help drilling holes? or jump on a raft to a new island???

      quite interesting

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