by kaiconfusion

Yesterday we have started to fast.
The last meal is about 44 hours ago and I feel a bit weak.
Yesterday the hunger was OK but the dry mouth and bad taste was worse. Today the predominant feelings are hunger and weakness. We’ll see how long we’ll continue I guess not that long since it’s the first time fasting. I guess we’ll do it more often in the future though. Detoxify the body, getting another relationship to food and feel your body and mind in another intensive way, are a few of the benefits of fasting.

The day before yesterday the 08th of  January, Kati and I had our 2 and half year relationship anniversary!

We are still in KL, since about two weeks now. The times is running but we are almost crawling.
A few days ago we discovered the Kuala Lumpur library right behind the Le Village the place we are staying at, the place I have stayed at many times before and where I met Johannes!
If you ever go to Kuala Lumpur try and go there it’s a special place.

The library is great apart from being a little bit to chilly for my taste, it offers great books wi-fi and a nice quiet place for contemplation.
Kathie is going through all kinds of books and I am working and working on this blog.
we come here almost everyday, it has really become a mission, almost an obsession to me,
but I enjoy it most of the time as long thing work the way they meant to.

I am starting to get more and more relaxed being here in Asia and feel comfortable.
Now we are starting to really arrive.
I am much closer to myself then I was in Berlin and I am happier and more satisfied.
I don’t now exactly why and how but I am more focused and creative and it fells like
that process has just started. There is still room for lots of distraction but it is much less
and it feels great to find to yourself and do things you really want to!

I guess it’s that feeling: Good to be back home.



3 Comments to “contemplation”

  1. sounds really awesome, what are your future plans from now on? directly to australia or some more time in SEA?

    • Dude!
      No no Australia must wait! We haven’t even really started.
      In one of the next few days we going to check out the jungle
      it’s rain season so it’s hard to know whether or not we can
      stay there but if we might stay a while and go wild camping.
      After that we found a permaculture project in Thailand which
      going to host us there are excited to teach us lots of things!
      We have managed to spend not more then 300€ a moth even less
      that gives us plenty of time to stay!
      Ideas and plans are to find more of these projects and visit them!
      and to be in the nature and explore local culture and tradition.
      We will head to Thailand as I said in the next few weeks to stay there
      at least a month depending how long we can stay at
      After that we will probably head to Laos and then back to Bangkok to fly to
      Manila to travel through the Philippians, try to swim with whale sharks and make
      it all the way to Bali overland and sea!from where we will then fly to Aussi.
      in about 6 month maybe…dude I recommend you to take your time for Asia
      maybe you can even make a few more bugs before you go…
      Join us whenever ad whereever you want!
      No matter how much cash you have, it really just depends on you,
      how much you going to spend down here,
      which devines the lenghts of your stay!

  2. wow…unbelivable…can you link those projects you are talking about some time? would like to have a look at those.
    yeah for me it is now sure… i will stay some weeks in KL and malaysia befor going to indonesia ( hope to get a 2 month visa ) and if the money is still not gone, im probably gonna join you later for the Philippians or laos….we will see… the end everything will be different anyways… 😉
    greetings to Kathi……d

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