Kuala Lumpur

by kaiconfusion

Kuala Lumpur is a city one can stay for a while. It yet hasn’t reach astronomical population figures like other Asian
metropolises and it makes combined with its modernism and comprehensible size a comparably relaxed city.
Kuala Lumpur
offers not as infinite opportunities as other Asian cities might do, nevertheless it has something that makes you stay and return. Since Malaysia is an Muslim country of which Kuala Lumpur is capital, alcohol is not so popular. Since Malaysia is an immigration country one can still find people to sell the overpriced booze. Indians or Chinese usually run these stores. Under Muslim law called sharia which is used besides the constitution, Muslims can be punished with imprisonment, a high fine or whipping for selling, offering or consuming alcohol!
I bought my most expensive beer in a shop ever. It cost 4€ for a 650ml Carlsberg that’s like four real good meals in a street stall or the equivalent of 8 Sternburg in a Berlin shop. Anyway it’s just booze.
The non drinking is probably not even such a bad idea, if it wasn’t create by fear and force.
With the drinking limitations comes the party limitations, Kuala Lumpur is a city that does sleep at least for a little every night,
to reboot and start all over again at early morning for the noise and bustle of the day!
Annoyingly the Malaysians seem obsessed with shopping. It really seems like shopping embodies the deeper meaning of life here, but well don’t know if they are really worse than us… Plastic is another obsession. Everything is made from it, wrapped in it multiple times and then, of course it’ll always come in a plastic bag. Pollution would probably be worse if there were more people, luckily there aren’t. Malaysians have the bad habit of keeping their engines turned on. Taxi drivers while waiting for costumers or at night with seats folded down to sleep, the engine is running. Some guy on a scooter talking to some other guy, the engine stays turned on. People sit in their parked car with running engines. Even empty cars you can sometimes  find with engine running! It is almost like it was a sin or embarrassing to turn them off! …
What we did enjoy here the most apart from all these rather critical observations and we stayed here almost 3 weeks was for sure the food our chilly billy guesthouse Le Village and the few spots we found to relax like Merdeka Square and the library.

Today we are going to travel north to a national park called Taman Negara after that we might head to Thailand in a few weeks time. We found a permaculture project in the north of  Thailand that wants to host us so we will slowly make our way towards them. The projects is called Panya.

A few images of Kuala Lumpur from our perspective…

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Things to see and do in Kuala Lumpur.
Chow Kit Market, the Kuala Lumpur library, Batu Caves, food delights in various street stalls and restaurants, KL jungle, Kl Tower, Botanical garden, Merdeka Square, Petronas Towers, shopping(if you must!) … .. .


One Comment to “Kuala Lumpur”

  1. ich vermisse! bin im juni in thailand…hoffe ich muss euch nicht hinterherhetzen…wohin auch immer
    gedrückt babeee

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