back to civilization…

by kaiconfusion

We are back to the city after more then 4 weeks  of which we were outdoors most of the time. It were 4 weeks of internet abstinence as well – when did that happen the last time???
Now we are in the city of Kota Bharu in the far north of Malaysia from where we will head to Thailand in the next few days. For now we are back to the box like shabby accommodations with filthy mattresses and malfunctioning everything and claustrophobic walls. This will be our setting for a couple of days to do nothing but internet stuff and eating on the great central food market of Kota Baru…
We are excited to travel to a new country after almost 3 month of being in  Malaysia, though worried about the amount of tourists we might encounter with in mass touristic Thailand after a relaxed time in Malaysia…


One Comment to “back to civilization…”

  1. wow, and i thought you guys allready died 😉
    hope to read some new stuff soon, btw, i will send you a mail with some questions regarding the water filter and equipment within the next days…
    hope you guys enjoy life !
    cyas dän

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