by kaiconfusion

Hey folks!
Short update.
We have left Malaysia finally on the 25th of February to Thailand. We took the train to a place called Chaiya.
Here we came to visit a Buddhist temple and meditation center not far outside the town itself.
This place offers a monthly meditation retreat. What does that mean?
In a few words, that means that you decide to withstand almost all of your personal habits, belongings and distractions of life for a course of 10 days, which you spend almost wholly with practicing meditation. There are some rules to it, to make sure others are not disturbed and to ensure your self’s concentration and success.  One of these rules is not to talk, to be in a silent state for the entire time!
We will join the 10 days meditation retreat starting on the 29th until the morning of the 11th.
We are very exited especially since we didn’t come here with  intention to participate but out of curiosity about this place.
We thought we might be better prepared if we already knew the place, to participate someday in the future .
The decision to do it now came quite spontaneously. We were offered to stay in the monastery for a few days to just experience the life within it. Since we were so impressed right from the start of the place, the mood and spirit and also amazed about the retreat program that both of us decided to stay quite immediately.

Wat Suan Mokkhaphalaram is set in a beautiful jungle surrounding conductive for meditation or contemplation of the philosophy of life. The temple keeps you truly in tune with nature.
I guess we will have a lot to write about afterwards.
So you will read from us after our journey of isolation, silence, meditation and contemplation.  ( deutsche webseite)





One Comment to “Meditation”

  1. Hi you guys,
    it’s so cool to read about your adventures and see pictures where you’re in.
    I send you a big hug and wish you to be lucky!
    Biiiiiiiig Huuuuuuuugs
    alias Janine
    better known as Frau Jottwald 🙂

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