Kota Bharu

by kaiconfusion

Kota Bharu was our last destination in Malaysia before leaving to Thailand. Khota Bharu is just another relatively relaxed Malaysian city in the rather strict Muslim state of Kelantan.
Here, similar to other places in the more serious Muslim states of Kedah, Perlis, Kelatan and Terengganu, the Imam calls for prayer 5 times a day. It can actually be quite tiring.
In Kuala Terrengganu for instance, the calls and talks from the Imam which are held via the several speakers of the Minaret’s, were almost non stop and extremely loud too.
I don’t know if it would have been better if  we had understood what he said. That way it just felt really intrusive and intimidating although otherwise,
the atmosphere is very warm everywhere. Most people, according to our observations, were actually ignoring the several callings for prayer or they are so used to it, that they really don’t hear it anymore. Just like someone living next to a highway doesn’t here the noise of the traffic anymore.
Khota Bharu, has this excellent food market in the very center of the city.
There wasn’t  so much for us though, cause we couldn’t cock for ourselves and the food stalls weren’t vegetarian at all, bummer! We found a vegetarian restaurant called Muhibah instead. Go there if  in Kota Bharu! it’s phenomenal!
I just found this website that could be of some help for traveling when on the search for vegan or vegetarian food.
Well though we didn’t find anything for us at the central market  it might be the highlight of the city
Here some images…

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3 Comments to “Kota Bharu”

  1. If you feel the calls for prayer are tiring, get the ear plug and don’t come again. The way you describe it is like the call is every 5 minutes, which is not. I wonder if you stick your ears next to the minaret speakers. the population of the states are mostly muslim, If you go to KL or urban areas, you will not be bothered I guess. A lot of tourists respect the calls but the way you describe it is like we are listening to the bad stuff. It’s not like a music in night clubs or bars which just like an empty can but it is a call for praying and the talk is full of useful knowledge. It’s an effort to make people learn sth everyday at least

    • Hi. Even though your comment is quite rude by saying “don’t come again” I’ll still take your words under consideration.
      I have just read the post again and it indeed sounds quite badly. When I was there it was a lot of talk over the
      minaret speakers. Since I don’t understand the language and I am not used to this presence of religion in the daily life
      I wrote the post. I don’t doubt that the prayers contain useful knowledge and wisdom and I agree very much that night clubs
      etc. are indeed mostly meaningless places. I did not intend to offend anyone with what I was writing and thanks to you I just
      understand how bad It can sound looking at it from another perspective. I might change the post cause I don’t want to contribute to intolerance ! Thanks Kai

  2. It’s against my religion to harass people all day and all night with loud voices!

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