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We have just reached our second week at the Panya project in northern Thailand.
Only a two minute walk away from Panya there is another beautiful! sustainable living farm called Pun Pun.

[Since the internet connection is very poor no pictures this time.]


Mollison, (founder of permaculture) has described permaculture as “a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single project system.


„Permakultur ist das bewusste Design sowie die Unterhaltung von landwirtschaftlich produktiven Ökosystemen, die die Diversität, Stabilität und Widerstandsfähigkeit von natürlichen Ökosystemen besitzen. Die Philosophie hinter Permakultur ist eine Philosophie, die mit und nicht gegen die Natur arbeitet, eine Philosophie, der fortlaufenden und überlegten Observation und nicht der fortlaufenden und gedankenlosen Aktion; sie betrachtet Systeme in all ihren Funktionen, anstatt nur eine Art von Ertrag von ihnen zu verlangen, und sie erlaubt Systemen ihre eigenen Evolutionen zu demonstrieren.“

– ursprüngliche Definition der Permakultur nach Bill Mollison

For a deeper understanding of this world-changing concept read the Wikipedia links check out the permaculture page which I have recently started working on, and watch the videos…
It’s incredibly fascinating!!!

Finding this place and coming here, to me feels like another elevated level we have reached on our path. Like a clearing in a dense forest like a plateau of a mountain that needs exploring, that unfolds it’s presents, full of ripe fruits…

Since my youth I have always been living with the feeling of opposition towards the mainstream of our western culture and society. In opposition of the capitalist system, being driven out there, to foreign countries, to foreign cultures into the nature and into the wild. Being thirsty for rural knowledge, for knowledge which our great grand parents naturally had, like we have electricity.
Doing things with our bare hands, observing, knowing the environment that surrounds you, being able to stay in the nature, away from the concrete for a length of time, because you can, because you love it, because you know how to, because you have the feeling of belonging and the feeling of truth.
In permaculture I have found a concept with answers… .. .

 …About the here and now…

Panya truly is a world of dreams.
It is past and it is future combined though more then usual one can exist in the present moment.
The life here is far from the city close to nature we are part of it rather then being surrounded by it.
Being here means constantly being outdoors.
The buildings are almost entirely build from mud bricks no windows no doors just big openings in the walls.
It is so many amazing things at the same time…

Days are full of moments of astonishment, about how easy life can be how full of joy, how many more opportunities there are. There are so many thing that I didn’t know and that I still don’t know!
So many things that can make our life’s so much easier less problematic, more independent and solve many of our problems!
It is so much more then just growing carrots!
In permaculture building, growing, preserving and improving soils and inventing sustainable ways of living and many things more are combined. It’s sharing, loving, learning, living together, spirituality, environmental protection, social work, social struggle and art.
Permaculture is of great importance in the respect of a changing world in times of the foreseeable financial break down. Community living will be a way to survive, to fight, to be independent and happy.

The most important lesson for me is, that we can do it!
We don’t have to be depended on a part of the world and a reality we don’t want to support and be a part of. We can realize our dreams, we can be closer to reality, we can be good ,we can be happy!
We can do what we want, we don’t need to ask anyone for permission, we don’t need to wait,
we can just do! ..and be happy and satisfied about it.

I want to give some examples about what life looks like on a permacultural site.

All the 15 building are mainly build from mud or clay and straw as roofing in addition to
other rather conventional building materials like wood, and tin etc.
The water for washing and watering the gardens comes from a well that was dug nearby.
Drinking water comes from caught rainwater, caught and stored in self-made barrels made from chicken wire, rebar’s and cement.
A small part of the electricity comes from a small solar cell most of it conventional.
Warm water which isn’t even needed in the tropics, is heated by the sun in a black make shift barrel.
An even more amazing way is something called compost heated shower.
Heat extracted from a compost heap for hot showers (more in the next post).
All organic matter ends about in several compost heaps to make new fertile soil to grow food.
Waste water goes directly back to the plants they clean it and turn it into food.
Bio toilets are used to collect and compost all humane waste. Once a toilet is filled up it will be closed for 6 month to have time to compost and then used in the gardens, a non wasteful zero energy closed system.
Lots of the food is grown in the gardens and the food forest. Like, Bananas, Papaya, Mangos, Cassava (Tapioka), carrots, salads, herbs, and many things more…
I fell like I could write a lot more about Panya and permaculture…
Go out there and experience it yourself .

An alternative way of life – self-sufficiency – sustainable living, is not a dream!
It is happening! There is no reason to hesitate nor to be anxious.
These people are nice. They are amazing, loving, open minded and hearted !

Panta rei


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