What about me?

by kaiconfusion

I just need to write something after this day, after watching this amazing documentary
“What about me”, anything really.
Maybe it’s wrong. Likely just a craving for a satisfactory feeling, certainly distraction. Still i want to express my self about how much I’d love to take it all in. All this beauty, all this truth, all this wisdom, all this clearness. All the positive energy all this interconnectedness… .. .
I more and more start to feel a disconnect from the rest of the world, from society though.
It’s a new born feeling, at least in that intensity and integrity. It frightens me. It makes me feel proud of myself, makes my feel like a true extremist. I don’t want to go this way though, in the same time I kind of want to.
The spiritual knowledge tells me that disconnection is totally wrong or better that it doesn’t make any sense
but my reason carries me further and further away from the fiction, the reality of society, the reality of normality.
All these lies, all the superficiality all the madness. Blameless indeed but  detached through lack of connective points between the realities. My path is the path of awakening. Every little step, it feels like, brings me a little further away from the still sleeping. I start loosing the ability to understand and remember why things are the way they are.
Worse, I feel disgrace, I feel incredibly uncomfortable, I feel alien.
Take a deep breath – here and now. In and Out, In and Out. Thats all there is…
Ever wondered why it is so hard to accept? Still. – Quiet. Be. Still. Quiet. Pssst. Just it. Here. Now.


It is a wonderful very inspiring film!


One Comment to “What about me?”

  1. dont dream away too much, at some point there is no way back anymore….

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