by kaiconfusion

With a weak internet connection at Panya I can’t do much online for the next couple of weeks or just rarely..Therefore I can be more active in the real world instead of the virtual world…

I want to recommend two staggering documentaries!

Very beautiful!

Rivers and Tides –  Art of Andy Goldsworthy

Rivers and Tides is a 2001documentary about the British artist Andy Goldsworthy, who creates intricate and ephemeral sculptures from natural materials such as rocks, leaves, flowers, and icicles.

Very informative!

The future of food
is a 2004 American documentary film which makes an in-depth investigation into unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have made their way onto grocery stores in the United States for the past decade. In addition to the US there is a focus on Canada and Mexico.


There are more great documentaries in the documentary section
organized by topic. I will add many more soon!
All of them are very fascinating and worth watching!!!


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