by kaiconfusion

Hi Friends!

I  haven’t written and posted anything in quite a while mostly due to a
challengingly slow internet connectivity at Panya...
because of that many of my blog related projects have come to a standstill…
Anyway, we are doing very well!
We are in Laos in the moment, where widespread fast internet has finally arrived.

On the picture, the mighty Mekong River bordering Thailand‘s Chiang Khong on the left and Laos Huay Xai on the right.

We had to leave Panya to get a new Visa for Thailand and we are connecting that with a
short trip around Laos. Tonight we are in Luang Prabang.
There are many news to tell like about Kathie’s 3 weeks experience at the new
life foundation a drug addict rehabilitation center and about her natural building course.
Also she is going to be a part time English teacher for at least one month in the village nearby
Panya starting in less then two weeks. Kathie will write about all of that soon…
I am going to leave Panya beginning of July to another Project called Tacomepai mainly to
take a 2 weeks PDC – permaculture design course.
The last weeks I have been working on different sites at Panya, like rebuilding
the nursery, rain season preparations like digging trenches, weeding the gardens and so on…
Apart from that I am working on creating a small forest garden in the dormitory area of Panya.
It’s a lot of work but it is very satisfying. I will write about this later in more detail…
By the way the compost heated shower that we had build more then 6 weeks ago is still hot!
It’s is still almost 50°C. warm continuously supplying us with warm water for showering.
So many new ideas have come to our minds and are still coming and developing and unfolding,
about starting up independent NGO projects, buying land in the future to start a project on our own
and many more ideas about what to do with this life…
Of course in our momentary excitement we have to take it easy and take our time and learn
more and more get inspired and inspire, too…

That’s it for now.
We’ll keep you updated and we are happy to get news from you guys as well!
Until soon


2 Comments to “LAOS”

  1. buying some land? yeah the new republic is coming closer. so I better already apply for a lifetime visa.lg aus Berlin an euch beide.mat

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