All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

by kaiconfusion

To all friends…

I don’t know if I can reach everyone that I want with this
but deep in my heart I miss everyone all of a sudden
I can’t write all of you and I can’t miss you all the time
I can’t think of you all the time and I can’t mention all your names
But I want you to know you are loved and appreciated!
and that there is a vast spot in my heart for you which,
from time to time hurts but also feels very warm because
it is there because there is this spot
I am so incredibly grateful to have this place in my heart
all the memories, all the warm feelings
I thank you so much to have brought me to where I am now!
I am happy to see you again someday – someplace!
We will all have changed. I am excited to experience that change!
I hope I can give you a lot in the future.
I hope you know you have a good friend in me and you know
I am happy to be there for you whenever I can
love K


2 Comments to “All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone”

  1. on these days that i spent in France, a friend i made told me an indian proverb ”Whatever is not given, is lost”…so i thank you for sharing these thoughts and all of your thoughts with us……its the most precious gift you can give your friends…..

    we went to the sauna in Bugsinsee three weeks ago, and i heard so many times ”ooh, i miss Kai”…. so i think im speaking for everyone, when i say that we feel the same……!


    p.s. this video in our country is not available…….. !!!!! das ist Deutschland hier, what did you expect?……

  2. har har, in singepore the video works…and it actually awesome, heard you guys talking about it but never experianced it…very nice…hope you guys are enjoying your stay, whereever you are right now….and of course we will see each other again someday….remember i still owe you this papua trip i promised you on the day you left 😉 damn…i would kill for a beer or two and a nice conversation with you guys!….dont believe in love, so just missing you! take care!

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