We are still out here

by kaiconfusion


Hey friends or I almost want to say brothers and sisters !
Kathie and I have pretty much just arrived in Melaka Malaysia. Our awesome adventure in Thailand is officially over.
We are looking back to a super intensive time of learning and understanding to new ideas and thoughts, an amazing network of beautiful people, connection with nature, permaculture, monks and nuns and monasteries, the forest…
Now after a short stop here in the old town of Melaka, Indonesia will be our next destination soon!!!

As you already know, do I have no interest in writing another diary like travel blog about what we do and did and will do.
I am writing with the intention to inspire. So in the past weeks I guess we have done some inspiring things that I soon
hope to have time to write about at least quickly – cause it has been a lot!!!
I hope you have found some interest in the stuff that I have written about Permaculture and Panya.
I am sure it is hard to comprehend and gain interest in it, from far away and from a mostly city perspective.
Nevertheless, I am hoping to plant a tiny little seed in you guys that may one day grow into a beautiful flower… 😉

I’ll get on the writing and posting soon and thereby share as much as I can all that I have to share with you…
Even though the days and weeks to come, almost don’t allow the time in front of this controversy machine ..
it is a tool to work with in these changing times though, for until it will become just a cloud of dusk
blown away with the wind of the past…





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