TACOMEPAI – traditional organic Thai farm

by kaiconfusion


Photographs of Tacomepai and links to other projects at the end of the article…

Since we have set out on this journey, our Ideas on how to live and travel have fundamentally changed.
We have grown so much more conscious about so many things. Life feels so much more real, happy, meaningful and great. Both of our lives have changed a lot through discovering these new and deep perspectives of life that we have found in experiencing permaculture at the Panya project and other places, learning and understanding meditation and spirituality, staying in nature and meeting all these energetic, like minded awakened people living for positive change!

We left the Panya Project for Tacomepai near Pai (Northern Thailand). IMG_4307
Tacomepai is not a farm in the sense of food production for profit neither are Panya or Pun Pun or any other projects that we have visited. That’s important to know to understand why we all of a sudden are so much into farms. That’s also why we call them by a different name like permaculture place or project or sustainability projects etc.
So what is Tacomepai then?
Tacomepai is a traditional organic community farm run by a local Yon family. It also is a living space for anyone who wants to learn from and stay with Sandot, the owner, how to live, build, teach, eat healthy, learn about wild foods etc. in a sustainable way with a lot of freedom, independence of much money, happiness and in balance with nature.

IMG_4084Sandots philosophy in short is back to nature, back to the forest and keeping traditions and local knowledge alive.
Living a simple life, sustainable and self sufficient with nature rather than against her! He really is a creative inspiriting happy character.
The farm is about 15 acre in size. He has rice paddies, where he grows organic sticky rice which he plants once a year with a seed ball method similar to Fukuoka.
The rest of Tacomepai, about two thirds of the land, is reforested and pretty wild. He doesn’t have annual gardens since in his opinion only what grows naturally is strong and healthy and that is what he eats.
Volunteers however mostly feed from vegetables from the market and rice from the farm.
There are many huts spread around the property all build in traditional hill tribe style. The whole farm has a very rural feel to it and life is very close to nature. Sandot is a very dedicated person trying to share his knowledge and visions and educate the local community, farmers and of course the many foreign volunteers that come visit.
Sandot has recently started a new project near Tacomepai. It’s primary goals are reforestation,
education and promotion of alternative and sustainable farming and living!!!
The big dream is to create a new eco village.
There is plenty of opportunity to help, learn and also to live there and create and realize own ideas!


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Images from the farm ( photos are from mixed photographers links to their websites at the end of article )

IMG_4434THA_5195P7152157THA_5322THA_5178THA_5313THA_5320  THA_5324THA_5325THA_5330IMG_3986IMG_4321IMG_4331IMG_4352IMG_4354 IMG_4358IMG_4370IMG_4395IMG_4379 IMG_4388IMG_4374IMG_4390   P7152132P7152146P7152147 P7152150P7152151P7152152   P7172228P7202312P7152164IMG_4314IMG_4316IMG_4318

Kathie & my house and our view …




Permaculture Projects near Tacomepai:


Permaculture Blogs:


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