Four Berliners off to Sumatra!

by kaiconfusion

Today we are off to Sumatra in Indonesia, which is the 6th largest island of the world, to head to a truly
magical place a super volcano and in the same time the worlds biggest volcanic lake…

Babe and Danny both friends from Home have joined us for this trip!
Babe arrived in Kuala Lumpur on the 3rd of September. She had a terrible flight!
Her plane had to returned after 3 hours flight over the Indian ocean, back to the airport with
technical problems! What a nightmare! Kathie left Melaka in the morning to surprise her at the KL airport.
They went to an island off the west coast of Malaysia called Pulau Pankor for a few days.
Danny is travelling around  Asia since March and he had visit us a few weeks ago in Tacomapai already.
He has also visited Panya for a course in Food Forestry here is a video from his BLOG.

Across the channel by ferry, probably more than 20 hours of sitting in a bus a head of us…
We are all in great excitement and anticipation of this magnificent place I have visited before
on my trip in 2007 and that I had fallen deeply in love with called Danau Toba!


An amazing band I want to show you!  #Mother Falcon# – from Austin…


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One Comment to “Four Berliners off to Sumatra!”

  1. Have a great time guys!

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