Tacomepai – Permaculture Design Course PDC 2012 – Thailand

by kaiconfusion

About our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) experience at Tacomepai Organic Farm 2012 in Pai
Northern Thailand


After our real introduction into Permaculture at the Panya Project we are now Permaculture designers…
after taking the Permaculture design Course in July 2012 at Tacomepai near Pai in Northern Thailand !!!

…If don’t really know what permaculture is – CLICK ?WHAT IS PERMACULTURE?  – for a short introduction.


Permaculture Design Course 2012 Tacomepai Thailand Pai

The PDC class of Tacomepai 07/2012 in the forest of Northern Thailand.


Bill Mollison, co-founder of the world-wide permaculture movement


The Permaculture Flower

Permaculture Principles

Pictures can explain better than to many words, which means I’ll write just briefly about our PDC course but I have posted a lot of pictures!!! First of all: It was such a great experience that I need to share this with you guys and I hope you will too, share with many people more.
That’s also why I can not stop encouraging everyone to look into Permaculture! It is for everyone, it is fun and meaningful and a real solution to our global, local and even personal problems!
PDC stands for Permaculture Design Course and was developed by Bill Mollison to teach principles and foundations of sustainable design.
All PDC courses offered throughout the world must follow the same format. The idea and concept behind it is, to give participants of the course no matter in which part of the world, the basic skills and understanding to design whatever it might be like your life, your house, your garden or any project in a permaculture way.
People who take the course will learn and understand the principles and philosophy of permaculture and will be given lessons in ecology, design, system thinking, food forestry, urban permaculture and many things more!
A great website providing PDC lectures for free is  permaculture-media-download.com/introduction-to-permaculture

The course that we have taken at Tacomepai

lasted for 14 days with 18 participants from Brasil, Chile, USA, Holland, Germany, Scotland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan…
Our Teacher Martijn Ballemans from Holland got interested in Permaculture at Tacomepai 5 years ago, now returning to teach
his second PDC class!

Some of the contents of our two weeks schedule:

  • permaculture ethics & design principles
  • system theory
  • patterns of nature
  • food forest
  • ecological gardening
  • wild medicinal & edible plants
  • Forest trip/ Bamboo camp/ Learning from nature/ Survival
  • renewable & alternative energy
  • water and water systems
  • natural building
  • economy
  • urban permaculture
  • design work

Photos of our 14 days exciting, inspiring , fulfilling, encouraging, wonderful experience!

In the classroom.
Not only for theory lessons, but also for meditation, great meals, almost every evening for documentaries
(check out my documentaries list at the top of the blog!) and bonefires, we have gathered in Sandots
playful classroom with swinging banks and tables.

P7152130THA_5431THA_5421  P7152131 P7192304 P7152194
Compost Tea, A Tour on the land, powerful community games and exercises…

P7152133 P7152168 P7152191

Taking soil samples to examine its condition and health…

P7172244 P7202315 P7202316

The design process at the New Land Project, our farewell party and feast! On the way in the forest 16 in a tiny 4×4!

P7262471 IMG_4718 IMG_1928IMG_4130     THA_5237

(Left) A visit a Permapai a new awesome Permaculture project near Pai from Dave and Lilly!
(Right) If you enlarge the photo
you can see tiny balls on the roots of the plant. These are Rhizobia – only through the symbiotic relationship of leguminous plants and these bacteria nitrogen can be fixed in the soil which is necessary for all plant growth!

Fire in the classroom every night before watching a documentary to keep the bugs at bay, Boy the buffalo, Sandot

THA_5419 IMG_4084 IMG_4112 THA_5210

One of the highlights:
wo days and one night of wilderness survival training at day 7 and 8 of the course:

IMG_4653 IMG_4651 IMG_4695IMG_1958 IMG_4694 IMG_4699 IMG_4700
IMG_4704 IMG_4648 IMG_4654
Cooking over the fire and making crafts…
Carving and building and weaving spoons, cups, plates, pots, baskets, sticky rice steamers and more from Bamboo…

IMG_4669 IMG_4667 IMG_1966 IMG_1968 IMG_1969 IMG_1976 IMG_1981 IMG_1982 IMG_4676 IMG_4682 IMG_4691 IMG_4693

We have built this hut together in less than 3 hours! It didn’t fit all of us but at least 16 People!
AMAZING local skill and craftsmanship and power of working together!
Permaculture yeah!


THA_5365 THA_5384 THA_5400 THA_5402 THA_5404 THA_5406 THA_5408 THA_5412 IMG_4214 P7282554 THA_5346 THA_5306 THA_5313 THA_5321

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