Why Permaculture? …a glance at our society.

by kaiconfusion

Deeper Understanding of the Necessity of Permaculture and the attainment of Survival Skills in times of inevitable drastic changes

Hidden behind the concept of Permaculture and also Bushcraft and Survival, is a discipline that attempts to learn, teach and apply knowledge and skills that enables us humans to live and survive in any suitable environment through the implementation of skill, knowledge, deep understanding of nature and wisdom acquired, without having to rely on factors other than provided by nature.

The heart of Philosophies and Ways of life like Permaculture, Bushcraft, Simple living etc. is self reliance and sustainability. Consequently the ability not having to dependent on many if not any Thing or anyone other than a local comprehensible community of people working together and what is provided by nature.

This Philosophy comes as a consequence of our thoughless consumption and destruction of nature but also is a
revival of ideas and philosophys of many indegenious cultures and peoples.
Permaculture and Survival  are based on ideas and skills that go back to the hundreds and thousands of years without discarding the positive achievements of our modern days!

Looking at these Philosophies from the perspective of our modern society this would likely be considered crazy and possibly completely unnecessary, too. Though acquiring such skill and knowledge incorporated in Permaculture like building and finding shelter, how to find water and how to make it drinkable, fire making, finding and processing food as well as being able to heal ourselves with plants that grow naturally, are essential knowledge to everyone of us as they only!  represent our basic and most important everyday needs!

All of these basic needs, I think, should be basic skills and knowledge for everyone again. It still is common knowledge to many people around the world and it always has been.

To raise the question of who might have an advantage in an energy decent world, either the so called developed world or the so called developing world almost seems sarcastic!

Only in the past about 100 years this knowledge has lost it’s global importance leaving our young generations completely unprepared for a long time of drastic change in the future! Due to the vast exploitation of natural non renewable resources like coal, oil, and gas as a gigantic catalyst for all human activities in the 20th century, the necessity of local knowledge, skill,craft,trade and wisdom was dissolved temporarily, leaving our elders alone in an discarded – rotting way and with that, knowledge that had accumulated over generations, vanished.

All our awesome technological progress is nevertheless always only based on what nature provides. Since most of the resources that our society relies on so badly are non renewable and therefore finite, it is quite obvious to see and understand that not only because of pollution and all issues connected to that, this consumerist – capitalist society is going to end but simply because of the energy sources are getting less and less and indifferently on when they will end the fact that they will and with that the life as we know it today, is inevitable!

So if we logically conclude, we are quite obviously living in an energy decent world! In this world as opposed to the century of energy accent – the 20th century, knowledge about Self-reliance and Sustainability will become of great importance again for the sake of survival and cause there won’t likely be alternatives to it.

In Permaculture, Bushcraft and Survival we are trying to learn from our ancestors and from local traditions crafts and skills still used today since many of those have proven to work for many hundred and thousands of years in opposite to many of our modern society inventions that have failed to prove providing a healthy sustainable way of life.

Today 2012 with the economic crises, which really is a condition the world economy won’t recover from,
many people have come to understand, that we are living in a bubble that is going to burst someday!

If the bubble we all live in finally burst – after being at bursting point for so long – we will face reality –
The results of our destructive behaviour and consumerist life styles will become very apparent to all of us with all there will be remained is nature to come back to. A fast majority of people will not know how to live from nature how to build a house, how to find drinkable water how to make fire and what to eat and plants can heal! In the age of Narcissistic personality disorders, many people are also lacking the communication skills on how to work together after the replacement of real communication with virtual communication via Facebook for instance.

How are we going to deal with that?

Our cities, centres of consumption, centres of pollution, centres of control, give us the illusion of safety when really the system of a city in particular.though true for our entire globalised capitalist world, is incredibly fragile without any backup plans for if things go wrong. The sources of all our urban needs, transportation, food, water, electricity, medicine, truly everything is based on and around energy! Energy out of which about 85% is coming from non renewable resources worldwide.
In cities, Energy the heart of everything, has been centralised and privatised as soon everything else(water, education etc.), too.
The source for all our Energy is supplied by only a few non renewable resources (oil, gas, coal), which not rarely has to travel incredibly large distances and that is true for water and food most of the time as well. What if these supply lines fail? What if just one element within the system fails? What if these finite resources finally will come to an end?
This system in its centralised way, as opposed to natural systems, is weak since it is not supported by many elements. (Permaculture design Principles)

Even without a scenario like that it is obvious reality already, that cities are unsafe places that are making us sick.
It is obvious that cities are centres of crime, murder, pollution, consumption, control and all kinds of dependencies.

Permaculture and Bushcraft however, can give us the confidence to be independent and not reliant on all of this illusionary sickening declining world. It teaches us the ability and opportunity to turn our backs away from the city
which has gone totally mad and achieve something that can create true happiness within and around us and focus on creating and preserving a sustainable future for all sentient.

Many answers have been found already. Like an apple tree packed full with ripe fruit,
these solutions are just waiting for us to be picked and implemented in our lives.

Humans are animals and an essential part of nature. We are neither above it as in developed above nature, nor are we under it as in the cancer of the planet. We have an important synergic role to play in this complex and beautiful life of ours!

Let us focus on creating the world we won’t to see, rather than fighting the one we don’t want to see.

Change is going to happen! When and how history will teach us.

What you are going to be in all this, Is entirely up to YOU!

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”  – Ghandi

Kai [07.09.2012  melaka – Malyasia]


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