Spirituality and Meditation – Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery Thailand

by kaiconfusion

About spirituality and Vipassana meditation in a Forest Monastery and Meditation Retreat in Northern Thailand – learning how to meditate with Buddhist monks …

After we had created a Food Forest garden at the Permaculture Project Panya
in Northern Thailand
,Forest Monastery Wat Tam Wua stayed with a forest man (Sandot) at Tacomepai organic farm and stayed in the Forest for a week for primitive wilderness outdoor camping, we still hadn’t got enough of the forest! It was time for us to go retreat with the monks in a Buddhist Forest Monastery a second time. Our first time in a Buddhist Monastery, was at Wat Suan Mohkk in Chaiya near Surrat Thani in the south of Thailand. Wat Suan Mokhh also is a forest monastery and has a retreat nearby, where we participated for a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in March 2012.
We stayed at Wat Tam Wua in August 2012 at the end of our stay in Thailand.

Why do we meditate?

We practise Meditation to find peace and calm and to learn to overcome the illusionary self, and to reveal this reality as false. To discover and understand the true qualities of nature and by that become a better support to all sentient beings. So that we can implement the true meaning of life.

Where to meditate?

There are donation based meditation centres all over the world in Europe,  Asia, Australia, America and Africa. Take a look on the website to get more information’s about Meditation retreats
and mediation centres and find addresses near you!


Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery

Placed in a beautiful spot surrounded by sublime nature, the monks are welcoming everyone at any time to stay at their monastic grounds, retreating from the rest of the world, practising meditation, finding peace and quite…
The monastery is placed 1,5 km of the main road to Mae Hong Son. The monastery is placed at Forest Monastery Wat Tam Wua the end of that road, a long of which there is a river flowing, there are rice paddies, giant forest trees and sheer rock cliffs. The monastery itself is overlooking a valley. It has been built between two huge, at least 200m tall rocks with the jungle right behind it. You get amazing views all day,  beautiful fresh air, a nice mountain breeze and supreme quietness.
At the forest monastery Wat Tuam Wua people can choose to talk or stay in quite and join the meditation sessions freely. To stay at the monastery your are required to wear white cloth only (which is provided at the monastery), as a sign of respect to the monks and to eliminate distraction. You can basically stay as long as you are pleased and donate for your stay as you see appropriate. There are two vegetarian meals a day. Food offering to the monks for breakfast and lunch is a vital part of the monastic life at Wat Tam Wua. There are 4 meditation session, which include sitting, walking and laying down meditation.
Ajahn Luangta doesn’t speak very much nor gives many instructions so I guess it is good to bring at least some experience in meditation and knowledge about Buddhism. In the evening there is chanting together and for every meditation and offering obeisance to give respect to the Buddha Dhamma Sangha is important at Wat Tam Wua.                   


Our experience

Our short visit at the forest monastery has been a powerful experience to both of us in our own ways. We have both had our first meditation “success”. This word is really inappropriate cause meditation isn’t about achieving anything.
What I mean is, we were able to sit longer, more relaxed and with more concentration and the focus on the breathing continued on longer than ever before. In Vipassana meditation, the meditation practise is based around the following of the breathing at all times. It is an incredible challenging task believe it or not, simply to sit and follow your breath isn’t so simple at all! If one manages to do that everyday at least half an hour, despite of all the possible distractions and the mind that is rebelling so hard, one quickly can realize changes. Changes like a greater general calmness compassion and patience.  From the day we left the monastic grounds, we continued our meditation on everyday for more than a month. We got a bit sluggish again these days. But we are planning on doing another retreat in Perth – Australia by the beginning of next year and establish our daily practise again soon. It is difficult to really do it everyday, no matter what!
Especially when travelling and staying in cramped places like cities and guesthouses changing people and places!
Of course the right conclusion has to be to leave these places, if they distract us from our spiritual praxis. We will do so soon. We have to accept the time that it takes us, without postponing what we really want into an uncertain future.
I understand why we always find a reason not to sit and meditate. It is a struggle. Nevertheless we are on a path that has shown us a lot of light and we are on this path with gratitude.

Thanks to Wat Tam Wua!  It is a magical place that I am sure to come back to one day!
Truly a dream place – so good to calm down and meditate!

                       VISIT the website of Wat Tam Wua…


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Wat Suan Mokhh –  Forest Monastery

Wat Suan Mokhh – Meditation Retreat









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5 Comments to “Spirituality and Meditation – Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery Thailand”

  1. great post, cant wait to find some retreat in australia

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    enjoying by these.

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  4. Are there instructions for beginners? How long did you stay there (and how long can I stay there, 3 days?)

    • Hi Ron. When I was there about two years ago I just went without pre arrangements. One of the monks will welcome you as you arrive and give you brief instructions about the daily routine. As it is an active Buddhist monastery – monastic rules apply. They do not require a minimum stay they only open heartedly share their philosophy and spiritual practises with wanderers. If you go, enjoy and take it all in.

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