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November 20, 2012

Lake Toba – Sumatra Indonesia – a photo perspective

by kaiconfusion

A photographic journey of our travels at amazing lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia





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November 10, 2012

Bushcraft – Pai-Northern Thailand

by kaiconfusion

About outdoor camping in the rainforest of Northern Thailand.
Learning self reliance and survival skills building and cooking with bamboo.

Our last two trips to Pulau Kapas and Taman Negara were a very long time ago so we were more then ready for the forest!
This time we headed out for a forest near the Permaculture farm Tacomepai near Pai in Northern Thailand.We went to the same places that we had gone to, for two days and one night for a survival training during our PDC course at Tacomepai in July this year.

bamboo lean to shelter


Our gear: two machetes, Bushcraft knife, small pot, crusader cup, two multifunctional ponchos, two water bottles, lighter, flint, blanket, cord, simple first aid kit, clothing, …
(more about gear HERE.)
Our provisions:
3Kg brown rice, 3Kg sticky rice, 250g peanuts, chillies, garlic, ginger, turmeric, fermented soy crackers,   lemons, salt.

Wild edibles
: plenty of bamboo shoots

We spend 8 days in the forest building shelters, cooking with bamboo and enjoying the solitude and sublimity of the forest. It is rainy season in Northern Thailand in July so we had to expect a lot of rain…

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November 6, 2012

What is Bushcraft?

by kaiconfusion

I have recently updated the Pages about BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL within my BLOG
Finally I have created a PAGE about




I hope you will have the time to look into it and like it!

As with all the content of the BLOG I am interested in feedback, additions, questions etc. Also feel free to share POSTS, PAGES and any other Content of the BLOG with others

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