by kaiconfusion


It has been a while… Since the 1st of November 2012 we are in Australia and we love it!

I have a lot to tell and share but sadly there isn’t enough time and space
in the moment…
We are in a place called Donnybrook a small farming town south of Perth.
Here we are working on a farm that grows fruits and veggies.
There is only expensive internet access in town, so I won’t be very active
on the blog for a while. I hope you still find interesting stuff on the site
like many of the documentaries that I have started listing!

I will write a lot more as soon as I get the chance to!!!
Live is exciting over here!
A lot of things have happened! Some that have change our lives again!

I feel very good to be back in Australia and Kathie likes it too!

We haven’t seen much of the country yet but we will soon after having worked
hard long hours to fill up our bank accounts with money.

We will than hit the road to explore the vast wild stunning country of Australia

Alright… More stories of our nomadic life and sustainable living experiences soon!

Our mobile home in the Australian country

Our new small house and car – a Subaru Forester a small 4WD!

Packing our Subaru Forester ready for Roadtriping Australia

Packing our Suabru Foresgter ready to leave Perth city to go to the country.

Feeding a parrot that had fallen out of the nest

Feeding a parrot that has fallen out of its nest.




  1. How wonderful for you both to have such experiences. Lovely photos. Peace. 🙂

  2. Hey Kai, great post, stay in touch!

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