Outdoor camping at Danau Toba Sumatra Indonesia

by kaiconfusion

 Outdoor camping – bushcraft – survival trip at lake Toba in Sumatra Indonesia making road-kill into bush-food

We had much more footage of the trip but unfortunately got our second camera stolen by some Indonesian Kids,
so this is just an just excerpt of our trip and our outdoor activities.

IMG_6906 IMG_6937

Wild edibles – Bush tucker

I am very much into survival and bushcraft trips as opposed to going on a camping trip overly well equipped with all the expensive gear that outdoor stores have to offer. I also try to reduce weight in provisions so every time I do go for a trip, I am looking out for wild edible foods. Survivalists are opportunists and so have been our ancestors.
Being an opportunist is and always has been a smart effective and sustainable way of life.This time we found and collected Lucina leaves, Lemon grass, harvested a banana tree of which we not only eat the bananas cooked in hot ashes but also the centre of the trunk and made use of the leaves for cooking.
We also found and collected  bush nuts and bush passion fruits.
This time and my first time too, we found a road kill. A snake that got rolled over by a car. It must have happened just shortly before we found it. Well, it took the three of us, some minutes to consider but I decided to take it after all.
I chopped of the head, wrapped up in a banana leaf package and off we went… To cook it later that day.


Cleaning and cooking preparations and cooking the snake in the hot ashes of a fire as Aboriginals in Australia do it.
IMG_6950IMG_6978IMG_6991IMG_6970     IMG_7009IMG_6977

IMG_6959IMG_6958IMG_7019 IMG_6964

Unfortunately are all other photos and videos went missing with the camera stolen…
We cooked a piece of the snake on the grill, another piece wrapped in banana leafs and the biggest piece we buried under the hot ashes. We were in curious anticipation as the snake was cooking hoping for it to be a nice piece of bush tucker. You’d be surprised but a snake doesn’t have much meat on it at all and what you get out is a bony, tough not great tasting result. It is tough eating and neither satisfying nor filling. As I follow a vegetarian diet with the exception of bush trips like this one were I only eat what I catch and kill myself, trying to eat this road kill hugely reinforced my vegetarian diet that’s for sure. In terms of survival if you can get hold of a snake without taking a risk of getting bitten I guess it would be an ok survival food but really not more.


IMG_7111IMG_7110 IMG_7103  IMG_7094

IMG_7093IMG_7107 IMG_7102
Bush nuts and bananas cooked in hot ashes without the need for cooking ware.

IMG_7047 IMG_7072

Lemongrass tea, Rice, Mung Beans, cooked green bananas, coconuts and turmeric .. for lunch.


IMG_7033 IMG_7034 IMG_7039

Camping at the shore of lake Toba( Danau Toba) we decided to quickly build a rocket stove from clay. A rocket stove
is a simple oven or stove design for maximum efficient combustion with very little fuel. If build correctly it is a combustion with virtually no smoke and it can be build as simple as the one we build or can have very elaborate shapes forms, sizes and multiple functions.
Learn more about ROCKET STOVES



Improvised tent peg from a palm leaf stalk.

A simple make shift tarpaulin roof under a tree with mosquito net is all that was needed.


View over Lake Toba the biggest lake of volcanic origin in the world.  Check out the story of  Lake Toba and find out about the TOBA CATASTROPHE THEORY.
CLICK for more IMAGES OF LAKE TOBA to another post about Danau Toba a photo perspective…




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