One documentary per week # 8 – “What About Me?”

by kaiconfusion

“One giant leap: What about me?”
(English) – 2008 – 118min

This is number eight of the ” One documentary per week series”.
For some time now every Sunday I will suggest one documentary for us to watch sometime during the course of the week. Each of the films I choose, is one that I regard as must see and must know abouts. Where possible they will be in English and German or at least also with German subtitles!
In our daily lives, the concerns of the world can be easily forgotten since they seem so far away. Taking an hour a week to learn something new or to be inspired or to be touched, is a great investment of our precious life time!
Even if sad information can be hard to take, often the solutions are just around the bend and start in our own backyards and with our day to day life choices! “Think global – act local” is more true and important than ever!
All these wonderful documentaries can help us to understand the big picture while showing us what you and I can do about it!
As we are watching these films, we can have discussions about the documentaries that we have watched or share links to interesting projects that deal with those issues and that are part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
I hope you will enjoy this idea and participate, share and embrace it! Enjoy watching!

Jamie Catto and Duncan Bridgeman travelled for 7 months through all 5 continents, and recorded in over 50 locations to create the most inspiring film and album they could imagine. Their mission was not only to gather insights on the huge universal themes of life from the most inspiring and illuminating people they could find, but also to seek out the cream of the world’s musicians and compose immense multi-layered music with them.

Sometimes you’re used to a way of life where the house is open but you don’t go out because you’ve already lost the concept of freedom. But sometimes you’re so anxious for freedom that you could free yourself from any prison or chains. It all depends on the strength of your concept of freedom.

You’ve got to realize one thing, and that is you need to tame your wild, crazy mind. Your mind has a very bad habit which we call it self-cherishing or “What about me?” It’s a bore, it’s a drag, and nobody wants to hear it, so you can just shut up, get off of it, connect with people and give. You’ll be so busy giving that you’ll have no time for yourself. You’re going to be a lot happier.

This is the time for awakening for humans on the planet. This is the time to wake up out of the madness, because history of humanity is basically the history of insanity. But for the first time in the history of this insanity, the insanity is threatening to destroy us. So we’re coming to the end of this one way or another. Either we destroy ourselves or we wake up out of that dream, the nightmare. But to see your own madness is the beginning of healing insanity, because in every human being there’s not only the madness, there’s also the sanity.

Mostly what you get through the media is the madness. But at the same time there are millions of other humans who already have that awakening within them so they can hear what’s going on. In every child an ego gradually begins to develop and one of the first things child loves is his or her name. I’m John, I’m… and then other things come as the children grow up… I’m a boy, I’m a girl, I’m strong, I’m weak. The ego is always built on identification with this or that.

We’ve been trained and conditioned to shut down our spontaneous responses, our authentic and essential responses from a very early age. We are talked out of our feelings because nobody knows how to communicate from an emotional field.

The idea of a shadow has to be liberated, we must go into the places that scare us, into the darkness and make friends with our demons. The wound is the key, because we’re all wounded by birth. We’re like “where am I”, “who am I”. “why am I here”, “where is he”, “where is she”, and so we’re constantly recreating until we make peace with the loneliness and our own anger.




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