My year 2015

by kaiconfusion

The year 2015 has gone to fast like every year. It was a fruitful year with rich harvests I am deeply grateful for all the gifts of life!IMG_20151024_133131-002

In New Zealand and Australia I was able to experience its magical natural treasures, visit and live in amazing communities and learn more about permaculture.

At the Riverside Community I could design and implement a Permaculture demonstration Site which was a big step for me, not only to live but also to work with Permaculture. (I will soon post more about this project!)
While at Riverside I met Ligia from Brazil. We are traveling, living and working together since we met in March!GARDENS 2

Of course then there was the meeting with David Holmgren in Australia the co-founder of the Permaculture concept.

IMG_4541In July this year I returned home to Berlin to see friends and family it surpassed all my hopes, I had the best return I could have wished for. My Brothers family owning a house and garden at the outskirts of Berlin. They have grown interest in living more ecological so I have started working at their home helping to make some changes. IMG_4822The idea quickly formed to do a proper Permaculture design for the entire home for witch I will spend much of the winter planing and designing. For some of this periode Ligia and I found an old farm house in France near La Rochelle for house-sitting for two month.

We bought a car made it fit for traveling and after finishing all the garden works before winter, we hit the road.IMG_6450

At our winter quarters in Ventouse in the french countryside we spend our time reading, writing, designing and for reflection …

Work-desk and window view


Our journey from Berlin to Ventouse

Visiting my cousin near Brück. They live in the countryside near Berlin with a dog, cats, chickens and three donkeys. Jan is a donkey guide and gives tours. Take a look at his website!

esel nomaden


We traveled almost only small country roads to experience the landscape changing. On our way we crossed the Harz mountain range.

We visited fellow permaculturists in Göttingen the PermakulturRaum project – Germanys first at a university

A must see for us, the edible city in Andernach!!!

Our Journey also took us cross Luxembourg and of course straight through France. Over new years we will visit La Rochelle and in March and April travel through France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and Germany…

My visions for next year are to begin the Diploma in applied Permaculture Design and work on the implementation of my Design for my Brothers Family. For that time I hope to trigger the interest of some of you to come and join this exciting project and learn about self reliance, sustainability, permaculture, urban gardening and much more. I will post much more infos on this project the next months.
This is how the property looked in summer this year…


Beside this I am thinking of travelling to Brazil by the end of the year also with the strong intention to look for a piece of land to start a land based permaculture project!

Thats all for now. I will continue the documentary series and post more about my experiences with Permaculture from the last year…

I wish all of you a great 2016 and I look forward to hearing from you!



One Comment to “My year 2015”

  1. All the best for you too Kai!
    Greets from Kea in Greek (holidays with Kati, Babet & Zora)

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