International Permaculture Convergence IPC UK 2015

by kaiconfusion

Permaculture, the cutting edge of the global sustainability movement? I think so!
However, the world doesn’t know that yet. I believe the whole world must know that we can design our way out of the diverse crisis we are facing today into a sustainable future.

Naturally, how to grow public awareness of the existence and potential of Permaculture was one of the main topics of the 2015 gathering of the international permaculture community and is what most permaculture practitioners, in various ways and forms, are working on worldwide.



From London’s Natural History Museum

The International Permaculture Convergence is a gathering of practitioners of permaculture from around the world. The 2015 convergence was held in London at the London Quakers Friends House. It brought together leading experts and practitioners from around the world.

The motto: We have everything we need to create a sustainable world and future! Together we will create a vision of a near future society that is caring, sustainable and fair, and explore how we can collectively design strategies and pathways to make it happen.

Some of the keynote speakers were GEOFF LAWTON from, famous for his video productions and design works worldwide e.a Greening the Desertthe founder of the Transition Town Initiative ROB HOPKINS and one of the permaculture pioneers ROSEMARY MORROW, author of the book Earth Users Guide to Permaculture, watch her Interview.

Most presentations of the convergence are freely available on YouTube and as PDF’s



PDF’s, more Videos and Audio Materials can be found at the event web page: 

Following the 2 day Conference, happened the 5 days biannual Convergence, just north of London, which provided much more room for workshops, presentations and networking in an more informal environment, with open spaces for self organising groups activities and meetings.
Topics like how to make bio-char and create the most fertil soil on earth: terra preta; how to establish a successful business following permaculture principles and ethics; successful examples of market gardens as a way of living; designing your inner permaculture; discussing social-permaculture; design wild food systems; were some of the most exciting from the Convergence.

The cultural highlights of the event were the concert of the Formidable Vegetable Sounds System and the play of the Theater Group Three acres and a cow.





The conference has strengthened me for my current project:
the redesign and implementation of an urban property.

Meeting international activists made me aware of our strength to connect and work together on a global scale. The genuine energy of people involved in Permaculture must be one of the strongpoints that attracts more people to Permaculture. It is not about personal success and achievements but about how our individual and collective efforts can benefit everyone and everything that lives on the planet.

This is not a fight: it is dance, therefore we can not lose! We want more people to know about this to become architects and designers of our world and our future. Now!

These efforts have a positive permanent impact on our culture PERMACULTURE!




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