by kaiconfusion

Birnhornweg Areal View


In time for beginning of spring from April 2016, after having spend much of the winter designing my brother’s urban property in Berlin, I will start to build what I have designed on paper and engage into my second larger transformative experiment with permaculture. (THE FIRST EXPERIMENT)

Permaculture Design

The Design Process

Permaculture is a design science that aims to redesign our way of life through our understanding of the ecosystems.

The world is changing fast and those changes are not always to our benefit. The excessive wealth and conveniences of a few are seriously damaging the lives of many today and risking to destroy the future for all.

There are many dark scenarios for the future and the reality gives us a good idea of how Bad that can look like. The sooner we accept that, we can become the architects and designers of this change and create the world we Do want.

It is time to wake up to the fact that we are the ones who have to do it. There is NO looking or hiding away from it! The crisis has long arrived at our door steps. It is more important than ever to look forward and take our fortunes back in our own hands! Why don’t we turn our fears into our greatest strength? Permaculture is here to help us design this world that we want – Now!

This is not about landscape gardening, this is political!

Entrance view


This project is only a small contribution and directed at my own family primarily. But there is plenty of space for FAIR SHARE !

This project is about doing – not only talking or writing. It is about transforming a place and the ones transforming it. It is about engaging, enabling and empowering one another and creating things with our own hands – by doing it! So much can be learned from each other, skills, stories, experiences and community. Sharing is everything because together we are so much more!


Composting and mulching in autumn 2015

I am more than happy to share everything that I have learned over the years that I lived nomadically. About what is Permaculture and how to use it, about low impact living, living of the land, designing and gardening, natural building survival and my experiences of living more independently from the constrains and expectations and obligations of society.

There will be space for informal talk while working and also the possibility to free space for more formal workshop style learning environment if there is an interest for it.

We will move earth, build compost, harvest rainwater, construct garden beds, improved and nurture soil-life, reduce, reuse, recycle, plant seeds and seedlings, grow fruit and vegetable and harvest the fruits of our efforts and so much more.

We will work almost every day on the property for the next couple of month. There will be plenty of activities for joint work and learning.


With whatever interest or intention you may come may it be to learn something, to help, to just come around for a bit of a chat or just to sit by the fire in a summer evening please feel free to come and visit. My brother Denis, Dagmar and children, Ligia and I will be more than happy to have you!

Soon there will be a link to a document that shows our schedule and gives you the opportunity to come by when ever there is anything happening that interests you.


What has happened so far?

What is going to happen?

Solar panels system installed

Grow around 100 different plants fruits and vegetable on about 150m/2

Membership at CSA

Build garden beds

Household garbage significantly reduced

Make compost piles

All organic matter is composted on site

Pruning trees

Worm farm in operation


Firewood from property

Produce Bio-char

Using firewood to reduce heating cost

Building with palets

Soil improvement (mulch/compost)

Building with recycled wood

Small gardens established 6m/2

Building compost bays, small shed, treehouse renovation works, entrance ramp, retaining walls

Use of recycled/ local materials

Earth bag retaining walls?

Dumpster diving introduced in to household

Soil improvement

PC Design analysis, Interview,

use of bio char, effective microorganism, compost, mulch, pee

Pc design, implementation plan in progress

Blog accompanying the project

Plant selection and gardening plan for 2016



  1. Nice project. Urban Permaculture is awesome! Congrats my brother!


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