Dumpster Diving Denmark

by kaiconfusion

Progressive – that is what most people think of Denmark but even if that may be true in some ways, we are seeing a quite other side of Denmark when, at night, we are looking through what supermarkets across the country throw out as waste.

After more than 6 years of going dumpster diving across 2 continents and over 10 countries, Denmark must be at the most extreme. I found that the richer the country, the more perfect food is thrown away! The picture we took here are from just one night at three medium sized supermarkets. What we took is a fraction of what was there. Every time it is the same scene. We find everything from vegetable and fruit to fish and meat, dairy products like milk and cheese, eggs, juices, cereals, breads, bakery goods even caned goods and ever so often things that haven’t even expired like yesterday 27 1l packs of organic rice milk!

Dumpster Diving

The only good news, we met two other dumpster diving teams that night, middle-class women not quite the sub-culturists, that shared with us that it is a quite common thing to do in Denmark and how crazy the throw away culture in Denmark is. They have created a Facebook group in which they share food they find with people in need.


At least we have fun and save some great food from being thrown away!


Food waste from the supermarkets in Denmark


Bakery goods from the dumpster


More bakery goods


Fresh – and organic! – fruit and veggies from the dumpster in Denmark

Another night… The bin was full of very bakery goods.


Wasted/ Wanted (documentary)


Every year, supermarkets in the UK throw away an estimated 40million tonnes of perfectly edible food, often for perplexing reasons. FareShare is a charity that diverts some of this waste, redistributing it to organisations that work with vulnerable people.



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