Living Tiny

by kaiconfusion

Living nomadic has been a great adventure and enrichment to my life so far and I will always be a nomad.
I have experimented with all sorts of forms of living and redefined how simple one can happily live time again. I found that, to feel free and good about myself, I like to use and live with very few things on very little space. I lived out of my backpack for many years, lived and traveled in small cars, lived in communities and experimented with primitive living.
At present, I found Berlin to be great to work around the themes most important to me: Permaculture Design, Tiny house living, community, growing your own food…
As in most cities rents a high and apartment scares, plus – I don’t want to live in an apartment! For those reasons, I converted a playhouse that I build 6 years ago for my nephew, into a tiny summer home!
It has one 4m2 room and a 1m2 porch. Here it is:



Take a look at the project I am participating at and come visit!

And for more inspiration on Tiny house take a look at this great website!



One Comment to “Living Tiny”

  1. Very nice…. I understand about the freedom of living simple.

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