Let’s make the world the way we want!

by kaiconfusion

2018 in Images of Making … Building, Planting, Pruning, Harvesting, giving Workshops, making Designs, Growing Gardens, and much more
2019 shall be a productive year! With lots of trees to plant, gardens to create, people to inspire and support in their way for a lifestyle that contributes to peace and a future worth living for!

My Agroforest

Tinyhouse Building Workshops

Planting Trees

Apple Picking

Urban Garden Workshops

Alotment Gardens

Balcony Garding


Berliner Hocker


Balcony Gardener

Fairverpackt 2

Furniture JoineryBuilding FurnitureChrismas Market HHCandle MakingChrismas Tree DecorationCompost toilet in BrazilHarvestingForest GArdenIMG_7934IMG_8139IMG_7860Mobile KitchenIMG_8434JoineryIMG_8195LandscapingPotato PlantingHome ImprovementPlanting with kidsTinyhousePlantingWorkshopsOur Alotment GardenUrban OrchardWicking BedMobile Sawmill


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