The Author

  Portrait oneMy name is Kai born 09/1983 and raised in Berlin.
I understands myself as political and philosophically engaged and interested.
I am very much driven by a deep urge to understand and unveil this world we live in. I am engaged in social and environmental change, which also represents the central motive for my work on this blog.
Music, literature, cinematography, philosophy, spirituality, ecology as well as craftsmanship and practical knowledge and experience with nature belong among others to some of my main interests and sources of inspiration and they are my focus of study and research.
Since 2012 I have become very much interested in Permaculture. I see Permaculture as the main Philosophy and means to ensure a future for human beings as we know them. Since 2007 I have given up permanent residence and have become somewhat of a nomad or traveller. Since 12/ 2011 I am travelling with my girlfriend Kathie in Asia and from 11/2012 we are in Australia.

I want to be an active part for positive change in this world.
I envision a past capitalist, localised though international, autonomous collective of communities away from centralized power, towards a sustainable life in cooperation with all other aspects of nature of which we human beings are only one out of billions…

To really benefit from the comprehension of this work in progress please go through the Pages at the top of the Blog


If I write WE in a Post or on a Page I am talking about Kathie – my dear girlfriend, partner, companion and fellow traveller.
Also born 08/1983 and raised in Berlin, Kathie has studied and finished a degree in art&culture management. She as well has given up her ordinary life to become a traveller to search for a deeper meaning of life and existence.
She hasn’t been writing on the blog herself though she is many times
involved in the process of writing and editing.
She was the one to inspire me to travel about 10 years ago, which with no
exaggeration really was the start of the journey of mine…


More about me


…coming soon…








Author/ Photographer and Publisher of most of the content










Muse, editor and beloved girlfriend.



Danau Toba, 25.09.2012


One Comment to “ABOUT ME”

  1. HI, my name is Beatrice, i will love to ask you some questions about Tam Wua Forest Monastery and Wat Suan Mokkh- when I am interested in visiting these. So.. if you have time, pleace contact me, i will appreciate that! My e-mail: beatrice.staxang@hotmail.com

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