I am a passionate young permaculture designer and teacher. What drives me is my lovePortrait one
for life and the earth and the believe that if we only knew what else is out there, the world could be a better place.

My task in life is to be the change I wish to see and to inspire others to do so too..

I understands myself as politically and philosophically engaged and interested person, driven by a deep urge to understand the world we live in. I am engaged in social and environmental change which are also the central motives for my work on this blog.

IMG_3950In 2007 I have given up permanent residence and have become a nomad. Since 2012 I have become very interested in Permaculture. I see Permaculture as the main Philosophy and means to ensure a future for human beings. Permaculture is the focus of my interests and work.

I want to be an active part for positive change in this world.
It is my dream to build a Permaculture Education Centre to inspire and empower more people that we can change the world for the better and inform people that the solution are all there but unknown to the public or ignored.
I envision a past capitalist, localised though international, autonomous collective of communities, away from centralized power living a sustainable life in cooperation with all beings…


CONTACT: kai.confusion@gmail.com

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