With this blog I intend to take an active part for positive change in this world.

The Blog will primarily be a tool to tell about Kathie and my journey throughout the world
and in the same time as a way to express my views on the world and to inform about topics
that I found very relevant for a healthy, sustainable and  happier world and life for all of us!

From the experience of my last journey (kaiconfusion.blogspot.com) I know that traveling can be a very inspiring,
challenging, body and soul enriching experience.

Breaking boundaries with normality and ordinariness and with the repetition of the same old stuff.
Most of us are aware that we are living in very disturbing times, times of apparent change.
I have the feeling more then ever, that we need to come together, work together, really rely on ourselves
for our own survival for our dignity, to not lose credibility toward ourselves,
to oppose the madness of our current capitalist system….

These are just some of the reasons for me to write this blog.
Another big one is to create networks. I don’t know exactly how but I am hoping that trough this blog people with similar interests, dreams, hopes and believes can find each other connect and share there specific skills and knowledge.
I want the blog to be a vital place that can be used to look things up, to be inspired through watching documentaries that are listed in the documentary Category and to find Links and contacts etc. to other people and projects.
It might even become a place for discussions and for an active exchange.
I don’t like Facebook and I don’t trust it either, using it instead of a blog is not an option for me.

To sum things up my main focus lies in the believe that things that I experience and that people share with me
are worth sharing with others.

Since I am traveling, lots of the post will be about our journey and the places we come through.
I will write and post photos about several other topics as well, like permaculture and survival which are two of my core interests but also about sustainable and self-sufficient living, self -reliance, spirituality, social struggle and many things more.

How are these things connected? ( More in about Me soon….)

Posts reflect on the most recent things happening in my life.
Pages contain more static information’s and therefore are a great source for information’s.

I like to believe that with this blog, I can create an encompassing drawing and a comprehensive perspective
on the world and be just a little bit of an inspiration towards others.

I am hoping to create a web-blog that over time contains knowledge about things that I think need to be understood in a holistic way.

It’s addressed to everyone. I encourage you to share it with others!

Hope you enjoy it!


…Thailand, 10.04.2012



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