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June 1, 2013

Erase Facebook Out Of Our Life

by kaiconfusion

I have written this post to everyone that has considered getting out of Facebook before and to everyone who want to learn why to consider it.

I’ll tell you how I did it

delete FB oneWhen I first signed up for  Facebook I honestly had no idea what it was.
That was the time when I first discovered things like YouTube etc.
I was being naive and not well-educated about the internet.
Even though I have never actively used it, over the years many photos that people have tagged and many contacts have collected in my account.
I have thought about getting rid of my Facebook account since more than two years now. I guess there were always some sort of fake
hindrances holding me back.
One major reason not to delete it earlier, was that I didn’t know how to save all the nice pictures and secondly cause I have used Facebook in the past year to let people know about my blog.
Well, now it is time to live according to my believes and stop being a hypocrite and erase the account.

Reasons to get out of Facebook:

no FBI believe to most people this is quite obvious but as with so many other things too,  even though we know what is right, we still decide in favour of the wrong!
Lets imagine what life must have been like 20 years ago and before that,
working for secret service, police and similar institutions to spy on people in the name of freedom and public safety. To get information’s about a certain person or a group of people it must have taken an agent quite long to get anywhere. Especially information’s on social networks of people would have been a hard nut to crack.
Hours of boring observations, following people around, feeling like a creep while doing so…

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October 12, 2012

Why Permaculture? …a glance at our society.

by kaiconfusion

Deeper Understanding of the Necessity of Permaculture and the attainment of Survival Skills in times of inevitable drastic changes

Hidden behind the concept of Permaculture and also Bushcraft and Survival, is a discipline that attempts to learn, teach and apply knowledge and skills that enables us humans to live and survive in any suitable environment through the implementation of skill, knowledge, deep understanding of nature and wisdom acquired, without having to rely on factors other than provided by nature.

The heart of Philosophies and Ways of life like Permaculture, Bushcraft, Simple living etc. is self reliance and sustainability. Consequently the ability not having to dependent on many if not any Thing or anyone other than a local comprehensible community of people working together and what is provided by nature.

This Philosophy comes as a consequence of our thoughless consumption and destruction of nature but also is a
revival of ideas and philosophys of many indegenious cultures and peoples.
Permaculture and Survival  are based on ideas and skills that go back to the hundreds and thousands of years without discarding the positive achievements of our modern days!

Looking at these Philosophies from the perspective of our modern society this would likely be considered crazy and possibly completely unnecessary, too. Though acquiring such skill and knowledge incorporated in Permaculture like building and finding shelter, how to find water and how to make it drinkable, fire making, finding and processing food as well as being able to heal ourselves with plants that grow naturally, are essential knowledge to everyone of us as they only!  represent our basic and most important everyday needs!

All of these basic needs, I think, should be basic skills and knowledge for everyone again. It still is common knowledge to many people around the world and it always has been.

To raise the question of who might have an advantage in an energy decent world, either the so called developed world or the so called developing world almost seems sarcastic!

Only in the past about 100 years this knowledge has lost it’s global importance leaving our young generations completely unprepared for a long time of drastic change in the future! Due to the vast exploitation of natural non renewable resources

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October 4, 2012

My 1st Birthday! How I stopped smoking

by kaiconfusion

How I quit smoking Tobacco cigarettes and how by stop smoking I reclaimed freedom and health and independence from addiction…

*** This topic is very important for me! I do worry about all the people I know and love that  with smoking contribute their lives to a wrong and dangerous thing ! I wish and hope you will read this despite the possible uncomfortable confrontation! ***


Today I am celebrating my new first birthday! and I really mean it! Today one year ago, I have quit and stopped smoking for good! Only when I was in the process of quitting smoking, I really understood my whole smokers behaviour and the implications on my health and behaviour. I almost can’t believe that it is already one year ago and I have never regretted it or had have any longing for cigarettes ever again. It was and it still is an everyday revelation. I could reclaim personal freedom cause I didn’t have to rely or depend on cigarettes! Stop smoking made me understand a lot of things.
It stopped, just as it did start many years ago, this time vice versa, the use of any other drug, too. It apparently can be a beginner drug as much as exiting drug. Finally alcohol and its misuse has disappeared entirely from my life.
Today I celebrate this freedom and achievement and celebrate everyone that has come to the awareness that no one ever needs and really wants cigarettes and maybe inspire someone to give it another thought!

As for so many people who do smoke, stop smoking is a topic reoccurring again and again. Though our human mind, especially under the influence of a strong addictive substance, is open for strong illusions, which in turn distract us from the true nature of smoking, which leads us to, pushing issues away from our consciousness to deal with them another time, another day, another year.  Becoming aware of our daily structures and rituals as smokers, like smoking with coffee or wine, smoking after eating, smoking when waiting, smoking when conversing and so forth, means becoming aware that non of this is free decision, but an excuse for the need to satisfy the addiction. An excuse to satisfy the bodies thirst for nicotine. Doing so is not something you want but something the nicotine wants you to do!
It is something that acts as if it was YOU wanting, when really this is not the case.
How would anyone really WANT to pay lots of money for its own dependency on something that stinks and makes us sick?
Like most smokers I can still memorize the time when I first smoked a cigarette. I Remember clearly how much I coughed, how much I felt dizzy and above all, how much I hated the taste. I continued despite of that, maybe because I wanted to be cool or for what ever not particularly smart reason I had. I was 14 years old at the time.
Maybe I thought cigarettes can’t do me nothing, because they are so disgusting that I will never become a real smoker!
I am sure many smokers have similar memories. Reality is, we are lying to us and that we do because truth is
cigarettes are a serious instantly addictive drug, a drug that is the killer number one worldwide.

I did plan to quit smoking almost from the first day I started until I finally did 1 year ago, after 14 years smoking! I never did succeed before, because I never fully and truly had understood what smoking really is and does. I stopped for reasons that weren’t strong enough, like because cigarettes are expensive or because of the theoretical (how I saw back then) chance to get really sick, so I continued smoking. Smoking however is not very hard to get rid off. All you got to do is not to actively buy, light and put a cigarette back into your mouth! The right mindset is all it takes to do so and support from others in your endeavour will help this quest.

When my day finally came to extinguish my very last cigarette, someone handed me a book I had heard of many years ago though overheard my self to get and read it. So strong was my unconscious fear I suppose.
I stopped smoking that day and started reading it. I took my time and read it slowly and with everyday I understood deeper and better why I have to stop smoking, why it hadn’t worked before and what had tricked me into smoking for 14 years. Very Powerful!

When I started reading the book Allen Carr – The Easy Way to stop smoking, my intentions to stop smoking were strong as before, though this time I understood fully and there were no doubts about it. Everyday in the process of quitting, was a reclamation of freedom – was a revelation! There wasn’t suffering but cheerfulness and unveiling of truth.

Without looking down to my own past or anyone who smokes, I can only write about my experience, which was freeing and was fun and it was easy. The obvious reasons, why to quit smoking are apparent to every smoker. Every smoker is aware that it is not the smartest thing to do. But there is much more to it, which I am sure is not so clear to everyone.

It wasn’t at all clear to me and that’s why reading Allen Carrs book made the difference!
Whenever you are ready to quit this bad habit I recommend you to read Allen Carrs book ( Who by the way was a chain smoker himself) – The easy way to stop smoking. It has a catchy title but it is very powerful, not judgemental very smart and emphatic.

Don’t only try though. Do it for real! It is only you who decides whether you succeed or fail! Nothing or no one else to blame. Reading the book as I stopped smoking, I experienced very aware, much more than without the book, how much I felt better everyday.  Not craving for cigarettes but feeling happy about that I didn’t have to rely on them! Very quickly I then really understood why I really don’t want to smoke.
An understanding much stronger than the understanding of health issues transmitted through the horror messages printed on the cigarette packages, which are true but beyond comprehension. And really what do they do to a smoker? A smoker that is exposed to stress lights a cigarette. Right? So what will a smoker do when confronted with certain painful horrible soon death because of his actions? Yes! – because of the stress induced by that image, He smokes!

I can imagine reading this, from a smokers perspective might give rise to annoyance, fear and anger or the feeling of “but I can’t do that” or even self-hatred. But why? All it does is making matters worse. I understand that, I was there too.

I can only encourage you to address this serious issue. No one needs it. No one becomes a happier person from doing it.
What ever you do, do it in good health with your self. Don’t blame and don’t force yourself!
Don’t be inpatient though demanding and don’t push stopping smoking away any more!
The Time is Now!

Happy Birthday Me!


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We Love Cigarettes
A love of nicotine unites all peoples across the globe, regardless of colour, wealth or creed. Where religion and politics have failed tobacco has succeeded, but at what cost? For over 50 years people have been knowingly paying for the pleasure of tobacco with their lives, making man’s fatal tryst with the cigarette one of the strangest love affairs ever.
But as smoking bans in the US and Europe abound, what is happening in poorer nations? Their love affair is still in its first flush – one third of the world’s cigarettes are smoked in China alone. And globally the tobacco industry is still worth $430 billion and going strong.
Intrigued by our planet’s obsession with the cigarette, we decided to capture our love affair with nicotine across the world on one single day.

The Tobacco Conspiracy
A history of the tobacco industry’s lies and scams. From the US in 1953 to Africa today, the controversy between individual responsibility and corporate greed is portrayed in a lucid, undaunting manner. From scientific frauds to working with organized crime, tobacco companies show their hidden agenda more clearly than ever in this theatrically released documentary.

April 22, 2012


by kaiconfusion

– Some practical tips for a low impact environmentally conscious way of travelling –

One of the most important things in life is to live in a mindful, non destructive way towards the earth.
Since I am a traveler and we are living in an oh so much travelled world, in this post I want to pay particular
attention to that. I want to try to give some very few practical advises to keep our impact on nature and humans
as low as possible. I believe travelling itself can possibly reduce but also increase our impact on the environment.
As a lifestyle I like to be believe it can be a statement and a conscious respond to our consumerist life.
I will try to focus on solutions rather then mentioning the many ways we are polluting our planet and with that ourselves!

1. Travelling and mobility: Don’t fly!
Easier said then done. Just because flights are ridiculously cheap, doesn’t mean we can’t travel other ways.

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