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August 5, 2016

Dumpster Diving Denmark

by kaiconfusion

Progressive – that is what most people think of Denmark but even if that may be true in some ways, we are seeing a quite other side of Denmark when, at night, we are looking through what supermarkets across the country throw out as waste.

After more than 6 years of going dumpster diving across 2 continents and over 10 countries, Denmark must be at the most extreme. I found that the richer the country, the more perfect food is thrown away! The picture we took here are from just one night at three medium sized supermarkets. What we took is a fraction of what was there. Every time it is the same scene. We find everything from vegetable and fruit to fish and meat, dairy products like milk and cheese, eggs, juices, cereals, breads, bakery goods even caned goods and ever so often things that haven’t even expired like yesterday 27 1l packs of organic rice milk!

Dumpster Diving

The only good news, we met two other dumpster diving teams that night, middle-class women not quite the sub-culturists, that shared with us that it is a quite common thing to do in Denmark and how crazy the throw away culture in Denmark is. They have created a Facebook group in which they share food they find with people in need.


At least we have fun and save some great food from being thrown away!

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June 1, 2013

Erase Facebook Out Of Our Life

by kaiconfusion

I have written this post to everyone that has considered getting out of Facebook before and to everyone who want to learn why to consider it.

I’ll tell you how I did it

delete FB oneWhen I first signed up for  Facebook I honestly had no idea what it was.
That was the time when I first discovered things like YouTube etc.
I was being naive and not well-educated about the internet.
Even though I have never actively used it, over the years many photos that people have tagged and many contacts have collected in my account.
I have thought about getting rid of my Facebook account since more than two years now. I guess there were always some sort of fake
hindrances holding me back.
One major reason not to delete it earlier, was that I didn’t know how to save all the nice pictures and secondly cause I have used Facebook in the past year to let people know about my blog.
Well, now it is time to live according to my believes and stop being a hypocrite and erase the account.

Reasons to get out of Facebook:

no FBI believe to most people this is quite obvious but as with so many other things too,  even though we know what is right, we still decide in favour of the wrong!
Lets imagine what life must have been like 20 years ago and before that,
working for secret service, police and similar institutions to spy on people in the name of freedom and public safety. To get information’s about a certain person or a group of people it must have taken an agent quite long to get anywhere. Especially information’s on social networks of people would have been a hard nut to crack.
Hours of boring observations, following people around, feeling like a creep while doing so…

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January 16, 2012

The story of stuff

by kaiconfusion

December 10, 2011

The World According to Monsanto

by kaiconfusion

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