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January 6, 2017

Sitio – living on a Farm in South America

by kaiconfusion

Living of the land and transforming an old family farm in rural Brazil into a Permaculture landscape.





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August 19, 2016

Urban Permaculture transformation

by kaiconfusion

It’s done! We did it! All building projects are completed and the garden is growing uncontrollably! Check it out!



After picture taken on the 20th of June 2016! – (11month later)


Before picture taken end of July 2015


Between summer 2015 and summer 2016 I had the pleasure to re-design and re-build the urban 690m2 home of my brother’s family in Berlin. The focus of the design was everything surrounding the house, lifestyle and behaviour changes and reconsiderations of resource and energy uses.

After an initial consultancy including an interview, I spend several weeks analysing the property and doing a lot of basic work in preparation of 2016th design installations. The design and implementation plan I drew up over winter.

Between April and June we build an entrance ramp and replaced and old stairway, we build wodden and stone retaining walls, a large insect hotel and a little bat house, created soil, created gardens, planted nearly 100 different vegetables and herbs, dismantled dysfunctional elements, replaced and repositioned others. We suggested many changes such as subscribing to a CSA, a solar system which was installed in Oct 2015, to go dumpster diving, to use a worm farm and to recycle all compost waste through garden composting. We have turned more than 75% of the available area into productive organic gardens, created a lot of soil, build a shed for tools and another one for bicycles and beautified eyesores. We created spaces for the children to play and plenty of places for wildlife to thrive. We have cared for the earth, cared for people and we now can share some surplus !

Enjoy looking through the images and feel free to comment. I am happy to answer questions !

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March 16, 2016


by kaiconfusion

Birnhornweg Areal View


In time for beginning of spring from April 2016, after having spend much of the winter designing my brother’s urban property in Berlin, I will start to build what I have designed on paper and engage into my second larger transformative experiment with permaculture. (THE FIRST EXPERIMENT)

Permaculture Design

The Design Process

Permaculture is a design science that aims to redesign our way of life through our understanding of the ecosystems.

The world is changing fast and those changes are not always to our benefit. The excessive wealth and conveniences of a few are seriously damaging the lives of many today and risking to destroy the future for all.

There are many dark scenarios for the future and the reality gives us a good idea of how Bad that can look like. The sooner we accept that, we can become the architects and designers of this change and create the world we Do want.

It is time to wake up to the fact that we are the ones who have to do it. There is NO looking or hiding away from it! The crisis has long arrived at our door steps. It is more important than ever to look forward and take our fortunes back in our own hands! Why don’t we turn our fears into our greatest strength? Permaculture is here to help us design this world that we want – Now!

This is not about landscape gardening, this is political!

Entrance view


This project is only a small contribution and directed at my own family primarily. But there is plenty of space for FAIR SHARE !

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December 30, 2015

My year 2015

by kaiconfusion

The year 2015 has gone to fast like every year. It was a fruitful year with rich harvests I am deeply grateful for all the gifts of life!IMG_20151024_133131-002

In New Zealand and Australia I was able to experience its magical natural treasures, visit and live in amazing communities and learn more about permaculture.

At the Riverside Community I could design and implement a Permaculture demonstration Site which was a big step for me, not only to live but also to work with Permaculture. (I will soon post more about this project!)
While at Riverside I met Ligia from Brazil. We are traveling, living and working together since we met in March!GARDENS 2

Of course then there was the meeting with David Holmgren in Australia the co-founder of the Permaculture concept.

IMG_4541In July this year I returned home to Berlin to see friends and family it surpassed all my hopes, I had the best return I could have wished for. My Brothers family owning a house and garden at the outskirts of Berlin. They have grown interest in living more ecological so I have started working at their home helping to make some changes. IMG_4822The idea quickly formed to do a proper Permaculture design for the entire home for witch I will spend much of the winter planing and designing. For some of this periode Ligia and I found an old farm house in France near La Rochelle for house-sitting for two month.

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June 18, 2015

Permaculture chicken coop 100% recycled materials

by kaiconfusion

Produce no waste: 100% recycled! All materials for the project are recycled materials from the farm.



Projects starting situation
The client needed to move his flock of chickens to a new place on the farm. There was almost no budget.

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September 29, 2012


by kaiconfusion

About how I created a new organic forest garden at Permaculture Project Panya in Thailand.

Table of contents



The Forest Garden Project had become my biggest and main project at the Panya Project Northern Thailand where I have lived and worked  between March and July 2012. I got the idea for the Forest garden coincidently while we were cutting weeds to build a new compost pile. The idea of planning, designing and planting a forest garden really fascinates me as I considered my self a bit of a forest man.
I love the idea of the food forest, as it truly can provide for all our true needs!
The project includes so many steps, so much knowledge about ecology and strategies on how to work with the land in the most effective way, too much to explain in detail. I hope with my explanations the video, the PDF,  and links you will get an idea and hopefully you will get excited about Food forestry too and try it yourself ! It can be done by anyone and anywhere!







Idea – motivation

The creation of a forest garden that after a period of planning and designing, will grow into a new place for quiet observation, contemplation, inspiration and transformation of an abandoned place that was taken over by weeds for many years. Everyone at Panya is invited to continue what we’ve started as a playground and experimental field and thereby create more beauty and diversity, experiencing the forest garden as a place to implement your knowledge which you gain during your stay at Panya. Thus every helping and love giving hand is welcomed.

Clearing the space by cutting weeds.

Food forest

A food forest or forest garden is a self sustaining, man created imitation of a natural forest system, that rather than an annual garden has a long or indefinite life span and that after an intensive designing period, doesn’t need much intervention any more. A well working system will be high in diversity and productivity.
Every forest consists of seven layers which

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September 18, 2012

Compost Heated Shower – In 4 minutes…

by kaiconfusion

A belated supplement to one of my projects at the Panya Projects earlier this year.
I have written and posted some pictures but here is now a small timelaps on
the compost heated shower.


If you want to know more click HERE! to get to the article.



April 10, 2012

Compost Heated Shower

by kaiconfusion

About how I build a Compost Heated Shower at Organic Farm and Permaculture project Panya
in Northern Thailand…


A shower heated from a compost?

It’s our fourth week at the Panya project in northern Thailand. We are now fairly well merged with the community here.
After some great time of exploration and adapting for the first two weeks, we have now started our first own project
building a compost shower.
Compost piles produce heat regardless in which climate they are made, through the process of decomposition executed by microorganisms ,worms and fungi. This heat can be extracted for several uses, one of which is the compost shower.
Also bio gas can be extracted through the process of decomposition. The idea is originated by  Jean Pain.
One of his biggest project was a 40 ton compost pile solely made from wood chippings and plenty of water, which was capable to produce hot water and gas for about 18 month. In that time he could heat his entire house with a water run heating system,
and have hot water for showering,and washing etc. and also use the preheated water for cooking.
He extracted gas and used it for cooking, as fuel for his car and even for the machines to chip wood for his compost piles.
There are many other uses from composting apart from the once just mentioned and the most obvious one to get amazingly fertile soil full of nutrients that can be given back to the plants which will then grow better, faster, bigger, healthier, tastier!

Now we build one for the Panya project. Sure northern Thailand isn’t cold and hot showers aren’t really needed but why not experience with a wonderful closed circle system like that! Just like Jean Pain we used shredded organic matter like fresh cut Mango branches, leaves, straw, vines, twigs, bamboo etc. only. We mainly used brown materials which contain lots of carbon.
Usually you would add a good mix between Nitrogen and carbon containing materials to make better soil.
We gathered all kinds of organic matter and started shredding twigs and branches and so forth with a wood chipper.
After some hours of chipping we got about 25 big bags full of material. To that we added about 10 bags of straw to increase volume of the pile and to act as an insulator. We then build a bamboo structure to hold the compost in place.

We then started slowly building up the layers of the pile.

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