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September 29, 2012


by kaiconfusion

About how I created a new organic forest garden at Permaculture Project Panya in Thailand.

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The Forest Garden Project had become my biggest and main project at the Panya Project Northern Thailand where I have lived and worked  between March and July 2012. I got the idea for the Forest garden coincidently while we were cutting weeds to build a new compost pile. The idea of planning, designing and planting a forest garden really fascinates me as I considered my self a bit of a forest man.
I love the idea of the food forest, as it truly can provide for all our true needs!
The project includes so many steps, so much knowledge about ecology and strategies on how to work with the land in the most effective way, too much to explain in detail. I hope with my explanations the video, the PDF,  and links you will get an idea and hopefully you will get excited about Food forestry too and try it yourself ! It can be done by anyone and anywhere!







Idea – motivation

The creation of a forest garden that after a period of planning and designing, will grow into a new place for quiet observation, contemplation, inspiration and transformation of an abandoned place that was taken over by weeds for many years. Everyone at Panya is invited to continue what we’ve started as a playground and experimental field and thereby create more beauty and diversity, experiencing the forest garden as a place to implement your knowledge which you gain during your stay at Panya. Thus every helping and love giving hand is welcomed.

Clearing the space by cutting weeds.

Food forest

A food forest or forest garden is a self sustaining, man created imitation of a natural forest system, that rather than an annual garden has a long or indefinite life span and that after an intensive designing period, doesn’t need much intervention any more. A well working system will be high in diversity and productivity.
Every forest consists of seven layers which

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April 10, 2012

Compost Heated Shower

by kaiconfusion

About how I build a Compost Heated Shower at Organic Farm and Permaculture project Panya
in Northern Thailand…


A shower heated from a compost?

It’s our fourth week at the Panya project in northern Thailand. We are now fairly well merged with the community here.
After some great time of exploration and adapting for the first two weeks, we have now started our first own project
building a compost shower.
Compost piles produce heat regardless in which climate they are made, through the process of decomposition executed by microorganisms ,worms and fungi. This heat can be extracted for several uses, one of which is the compost shower.
Also bio gas can be extracted through the process of decomposition. The idea is originated by  Jean Pain.
One of his biggest project was a 40 ton compost pile solely made from wood chippings and plenty of water, which was capable to produce hot water and gas for about 18 month. In that time he could heat his entire house with a water run heating system,
and have hot water for showering,and washing etc. and also use the preheated water for cooking.
He extracted gas and used it for cooking, as fuel for his car and even for the machines to chip wood for his compost piles.
There are many other uses from composting apart from the once just mentioned and the most obvious one to get amazingly fertile soil full of nutrients that can be given back to the plants which will then grow better, faster, bigger, healthier, tastier!

Now we build one for the Panya project. Sure northern Thailand isn’t cold and hot showers aren’t really needed but why not experience with a wonderful closed circle system like that! Just like Jean Pain we used shredded organic matter like fresh cut Mango branches, leaves, straw, vines, twigs, bamboo etc. only. We mainly used brown materials which contain lots of carbon.
Usually you would add a good mix between Nitrogen and carbon containing materials to make better soil.
We gathered all kinds of organic matter and started shredding twigs and branches and so forth with a wood chipper.
After some hours of chipping we got about 25 big bags full of material. To that we added about 10 bags of straw to increase volume of the pile and to act as an insulator. We then build a bamboo structure to hold the compost in place.

We then started slowly building up the layers of the pile.

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April 3, 2012


by kaiconfusion


We have just reached our second week at the Panya project in northern Thailand.
Only a two minute walk away from Panya there is another beautiful! sustainable living farm called Pun Pun.

[Since the internet connection is very poor no pictures this time.]


Mollison, (founder of permaculture) has described permaculture as “a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature; of protracted and thoughtful observation rather than protracted and thoughtless labor; and of looking at plants and animals in all their functions, rather than treating any area as a single project system.


„Permakultur ist das bewusste Design sowie die Unterhaltung von landwirtschaftlich produktiven Ökosystemen, die die Diversität, Stabilität und Widerstandsfähigkeit von natürlichen Ökosystemen besitzen. Die Philosophie hinter Permakultur ist eine Philosophie, die mit und nicht gegen die Natur arbeitet, eine Philosophie, der fortlaufenden und überlegten Observation und nicht der fortlaufenden und gedankenlosen Aktion; sie betrachtet Systeme in all ihren Funktionen, anstatt nur eine Art von Ertrag von ihnen zu verlangen, und sie erlaubt Systemen ihre eigenen Evolutionen zu demonstrieren.“

– ursprüngliche Definition der Permakultur nach Bill Mollison

For a deeper understanding of this world-changing concept read the Wikipedia links check out the permaculture page which I have recently started working on, and watch the videos…
It’s incredibly fascinating!!!

Finding this place and coming here, to me feels like another elevated level we have reached on our path. Like a clearing in a dense forest like a plateau of a mountain that needs exploring, that unfolds it’s presents, full of ripe fruits…

Since my youth I have always been living with the feeling of opposition towards

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March 30, 2012


by kaiconfusion

In the moment we are visiting this  permaculture project in northern Thailand.

This documentary gives an idea what permaculture is, presented by Bill Mollison
who is considered to be the “founder” of permaculture.

more information’s on the PERMACULTURE PAGE


I will tell you more about our amazing experiences here soon!
We are having a wonderful time. Everyday is a present.
I like it so much. I am getting so much out of this.
We will stay for a while.

December 10, 2011

Garbage Warrior

by kaiconfusion


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