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December 20, 2013


by kaiconfusion

This story is about contemporary working and living realities on Australian farms. About working and travelling in Australia, farm work, fair wages, working conditions and conventional farming vs. sustainable farming methods…
A story and photo collage about farm work on a farm in Donnybrook in Western Australia with insides on working conditions and foreign workers exploitation not on a permaculture or organic farm but on a conventional farm.
Farming methods with sprays and disregard for people and nature that causes land erosion, pollution, destruction and workers exploitation and discrimination. All that is part of the reality of how food comes to our tables from ploughing to sowing over weeding, picking, washing and selling. All done without honourable ethics like the ones of permaculture but with nothing but greed for money. Our farm does not represent the all agriculture but after having talked to many workers in this sectors, stories like ours and much worse seem to be very common…

Kathie and I have compromised with many perhaps to many things while working for this farmer family. Our goals and our own virtues in mind we just kept going no matter what as long as we could. We came to Australia with the idea
already set in out mind to, as quickly as possible find and buy a car – leave the city –
get a job that would provide us with enough work for full-time employment for 3 to 4 month to save up heaps.
This plan worked out but not as smoothly as we had hoped …
farm work australia work and travel jobs
Right from the start we learned that conditions on the farm will be tough. No one really minded to work hard but the way workers were treated by this family were absolutely subhuman.

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November 27, 2013


by kaiconfusion

About aspects of sustainable living in Perth – about permaculture projects, urbane permaculture, dumpster diving, community projects, low impact life, organic gardening, urbane culture and how we have explored it all as travellers…

I am writing this now that I have time. A lot of time. I am in kind of political social economic – you name it – refugee kind of state. I had to rush to leave Australia because my permission to be a legal alien within the boundaries of the continent had expired. I have overstayed my visa illegally – of course – and now I am at the mercy of the civil servants of the department of immigration to grand me re-entry. My refuge island is Bali in Indonesia – I know it could be much worse.
Our car is parked at Darwin airport since November 10th and the parking meter is ticking at a rate of 12$ a day!
It has been 16 days now since I have left the Commonwealth and still no visa. I wait and with the gift of time I can now after one year without writing a single word try the retrospective and tell our story of one year in Australia…

Life with nature - kai confusion
After nearly one year in South East Asia that led us deeper into the world of sustainability, spirituality, health, ecology,
community living, permaculture and so many interesting ideas more, that only enriched our awareness and meaning in
life, we only had a deepened urge for a simple life with as little impact as possible on the biosphere as we live and travel in Australia.

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December 7, 2012


by kaiconfusion


It has been a while… Since the 1st of November 2012 we are in Australia and we love it!

I have a lot to tell and share but sadly there isn’t enough time and space
in the moment…
We are in a place called Donnybrook a small farming town south of Perth.
Here we are working on a farm that grows fruits and veggies.
There is only expensive internet access in town, so I won’t be very active
on the blog for a while. I hope you still find interesting stuff on the site
like many of the documentaries that I have started listing!

I will write a lot more as soon as I get the chance to!!!
Live is exciting over here!
A lot of things have happened! Some that have change our lives again!

I feel very good to be back in Australia and Kathie likes it too!

We haven’t seen much of the country yet but we will soon after having worked
hard long hours to fill up our bank accounts with money.

We will than hit the road to explore the vast wild stunning country of Australia

Alright… More stories of our nomadic life and sustainable living experiences soon!

Our mobile home in the Australian country

Our new small house and car – a Subaru Forester a small 4WD!

Packing our Subaru Forester ready for Roadtriping Australia

Packing our Suabru Foresgter ready to leave Perth city to go to the country.

Feeding a parrot that had fallen out of the nest

Feeding a parrot that has fallen out of its nest.


October 31, 2012

Bye Bye Asia! Hello Australia! Living Nomadic…

by kaiconfusion

After 11 month in the mids and depths of Asian culture, the day to move on is finally there!Backpacks packed and ready for Australia!
The day our trip takes me back to Oz and Kathie the first time in her life south of the equator!

Today, the 31th of October at 23:30 we will take off from this city of hustle and bustle Kuala Lumpur to PerthAustralia – the most remote capital on the planet. Once we will leave Perth behind us, we will finally leave the cities for a good long time up to nearly a year perhaps. Right in time for the in great anticipation awaited end of the Mayan calendar.
Not that I would believe in apocalyptic theories for that day, but I believe in the permanence of insecurity of cities.

However we are really excited for this new big episode in our lives and travels. Today we take off to Oz to stay down under for the anticipated next two years at least. We will be living in Australia and New Zealand that has the combined land mass of Europe and the population of Scandinavia!
So excited! Space! Nature! Wilderness! Breathing freely! …to an extend seldom found anywhere else in the world today!
We are looking forward to own a house on wheels, that gives us total independence – out there in the bush! Taking our nomadic life style to a greater level!

This short film NOMADISM is made by my friend Marty who I met in 2009 in Bali.  He and his girlfriend Jeanette have become one of my most beautiful travel acquaintances. Coincidentally we had planed to be in Kuala Lumpur at the same time! Thus this last week of October, so incredibly, we did meet again! We spend the last days in Kuala Lumpur together in amazement.
Marty is a really great photographer! Enjoy his work – NOMADISM !

We will take so much positive ideas and inspirations from Asia! It was an incredible journey so full of amazing ideas, thought and feelings. We have learned so incredibly much! I have changed more and faster than ever before! Both of us have grown incredibly.
Non of what we have experience, I had ever expected despite of having been travelling extensively for more than two years before. Everything was different on this journey. So different again! It is beautiful.

This journey has lead me to find what I have been looking for, for so long. I am on my path. I am not a blind man among blind man any more. Still blindfolded though, I am now stumbling with intention and direction – towards something I sense is good!

We have gained so much more freedom in this year. Leaving our alcohol and nicotine addictions behind us, strengthening our fight against the misbelieves

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