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November 10, 2012

Bushcraft – Pai-Northern Thailand

by kaiconfusion

About outdoor camping in the rainforest of Northern Thailand.
Learning self reliance and survival skills building and cooking with bamboo.

Our last two trips to Pulau Kapas and Taman Negara were a very long time ago so we were more then ready for the forest!
This time we headed out for a forest near the Permaculture farm Tacomepai near Pai in Northern Thailand.We went to the same places that we had gone to, for two days and one night for a survival training during our PDC course at Tacomepai in July this year.

bamboo lean to shelter


Our gear: two machetes, Bushcraft knife, small pot, crusader cup, two multifunctional ponchos, two water bottles, lighter, flint, blanket, cord, simple first aid kit, clothing, …
(more about gear HERE.)
Our provisions:
3Kg brown rice, 3Kg sticky rice, 250g peanuts, chillies, garlic, ginger, turmeric, fermented soy crackers,   lemons, salt.

Wild edibles
: plenty of bamboo shoots

We spend 8 days in the forest building shelters, cooking with bamboo and enjoying the solitude and sublimity of the forest. It is rainy season in Northern Thailand in July so we had to expect a lot of rain…

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October 23, 2012

Spirituality and Meditation – Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery Thailand

by kaiconfusion

About spirituality and Vipassana meditation in a Forest Monastery and Meditation Retreat in Northern Thailand – learning how to meditate with Buddhist monks …

After we had created a Food Forest garden at the Permaculture Project Panya
in Northern Thailand
,Forest Monastery Wat Tam Wua stayed with a forest man (Sandot) at Tacomepai organic farm and stayed in the Forest for a week for primitive wilderness outdoor camping, we still hadn’t got enough of the forest! It was time for us to go retreat with the monks in a Buddhist Forest Monastery a second time. Our first time in a Buddhist Monastery, was at Wat Suan Mohkk in Chaiya near Surrat Thani in the south of Thailand. Wat Suan Mokhh also is a forest monastery and has a retreat nearby, where we participated for a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat in March 2012.
We stayed at Wat Tam Wua in August 2012 at the end of our stay in Thailand.

Why do we meditate?

We practise Meditation to find peace and calm and to learn to overcome the illusionary self, and to reveal this reality as false. To discover and understand the true qualities of nature and by that become a better support to all sentient beings. So that we can implement the true meaning of life.

Where to meditate?

There are donation based meditation centres all over the world in Europe,  Asia, Australia, America and Africa. Take a look on the website to get more information’s about Meditation retreats
and mediation centres and find addresses near you!

Wat Tam Wua Forest Monastery

Placed in a beautiful spot surrounded by sublime nature, the monks are welcoming everyone at any time to stay at their monastic grounds, retreating from the rest of the world, practising meditation, finding peace and quite…
The monastery is placed

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September 29, 2012


by kaiconfusion

About how I created a new organic forest garden at Permaculture Project Panya in Thailand.

Table of contents



The Forest Garden Project had become my biggest and main project at the Panya Project Northern Thailand where I have lived and worked  between March and July 2012. I got the idea for the Forest garden coincidently while we were cutting weeds to build a new compost pile. The idea of planning, designing and planting a forest garden really fascinates me as I considered my self a bit of a forest man.
I love the idea of the food forest, as it truly can provide for all our true needs!
The project includes so many steps, so much knowledge about ecology and strategies on how to work with the land in the most effective way, too much to explain in detail. I hope with my explanations the video, the PDF,  and links you will get an idea and hopefully you will get excited about Food forestry too and try it yourself ! It can be done by anyone and anywhere!







Idea – motivation

The creation of a forest garden that after a period of planning and designing, will grow into a new place for quiet observation, contemplation, inspiration and transformation of an abandoned place that was taken over by weeds for many years. Everyone at Panya is invited to continue what we’ve started as a playground and experimental field and thereby create more beauty and diversity, experiencing the forest garden as a place to implement your knowledge which you gain during your stay at Panya. Thus every helping and love giving hand is welcomed.

Clearing the space by cutting weeds.

Food forest

A food forest or forest garden is a self sustaining, man created imitation of a natural forest system, that rather than an annual garden has a long or indefinite life span and that after an intensive designing period, doesn’t need much intervention any more. A well working system will be high in diversity and productivity.
Every forest consists of seven layers which

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September 22, 2012

Tacomepai – Permaculture Design Course PDC 2012 – Thailand

by kaiconfusion

About our Permaculture Design Course (PDC) experience at Tacomepai Organic Farm 2012 in Pai
Northern Thailand


After our real introduction into Permaculture at the Panya Project we are now Permaculture designers…
after taking the Permaculture design Course in July 2012 at Tacomepai near Pai in Northern Thailand !!!

…If don’t really know what permaculture is – CLICK ?WHAT IS PERMACULTURE?  – for a short introduction.


Permaculture Design Course 2012 Tacomepai Thailand Pai

The PDC class of Tacomepai 07/2012 in the forest of Northern Thailand.


Bill Mollison, co-founder of the world-wide permaculture movement


The Permaculture Flower

Permaculture Principles

Pictures can explain better than to many words, which means I’ll write just briefly about our PDC course but I have posted a lot of pictures!!! First of all: It was such a great experience that I need to share this with you guys and I hope you will too, share with many people more.
That’s also why I can not stop encouraging everyone to look into Permaculture! It is for everyone, it is fun and meaningful and a real solution to our global, local and even personal problems!
PDC stands for Permaculture Design Course and was developed by Bill Mollison to teach principles and foundations of sustainable design.
All PDC courses offered throughout the world must follow the same format. The idea and concept behind it is, to give participants of the course no matter in which part of the world, the basic skills and understanding to design whatever it might be like your life, your house, your garden or any project in a permaculture way.
People who take the course will learn and understand the principles and philosophy of permaculture and will be given lessons in ecology, design, system thinking, food forestry, urban permaculture and many things more!
A great website providing PDC lectures for free is

The course that we have taken at Tacomepai

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September 18, 2012

Compost Heated Shower – In 4 minutes…

by kaiconfusion

A belated supplement to one of my projects at the Panya Projects earlier this year.
I have written and posted some pictures but here is now a small timelaps on
the compost heated shower.


If you want to know more click HERE! to get to the article.



September 3, 2012

TACOMEPAI – traditional organic Thai farm

by kaiconfusion


Photographs of Tacomepai and links to other projects at the end of the article…

Since we have set out on this journey, our Ideas on how to live and travel have fundamentally changed.
We have grown so much more conscious about so many things. Life feels so much more real, happy, meaningful and great. Both of our lives have changed a lot through discovering these new and deep perspectives of life that we have found in experiencing permaculture at the Panya project and other places, learning and understanding meditation and spirituality, staying in nature and meeting all these energetic, like minded awakened people living for positive change!

We left the Panya Project for Tacomepai near Pai (Northern Thailand). IMG_4307
Tacomepai is not a farm in the sense of food production for profit neither are Panya or Pun Pun or any other projects that we have visited. That’s important to know to understand why we all of a sudden are so much into farms. That’s also why we call them by a different name like permaculture place or project or sustainability projects etc.
So what is Tacomepai then?
Tacomepai is a traditional organic community farm run by a local Yon family. It also is a living space for anyone who wants to learn from and stay with Sandot, the owner, how to live, build, teach, eat healthy, learn about wild foods etc. in a sustainable way with a lot of freedom, independence of much money, happiness and in balance with nature.

IMG_4084Sandots philosophy in short is back to nature, back to the forest and keeping traditions and local knowledge alive.
Living a simple life, sustainable and self sufficient with nature rather than against her! He really is a creative inspiriting happy character.
The farm is about 15 acre in size. He has rice paddies, where he grows organic sticky rice which he plants once a year with a seed ball method similar to Fukuoka.
The rest of Tacomepai, about two thirds of the land, is reforested and pretty wild. He doesn’t have annual gardens since in his opinion only what grows naturally is strong and healthy and that is what he eats.
Volunteers however mostly feed from vegetables from the market and rice from the farm.
There are many huts spread around the property all build in traditional hill tribe style. The whole farm has a very rural feel to it and life is very close to nature. Sandot is a very dedicated person trying to share his knowledge and visions and educate the local community, farmers and of course the many foreign volunteers that come visit.
Sandot has recently started a new project near Tacomepai. It’s primary goals are reforestation,
education and promotion of alternative and sustainable farming and living!!!
The big dream is to create a new eco village.
There is plenty of opportunity to help, learn and also to live there and create and realize own ideas!

Please share this article with others!


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April 25, 2012

black eggs

by kaiconfusion

Once upon a time some unknown stranger had the crazy idea to turn a conventional chicken egg into a black wired egg.
I came across these eggs a couple of years ago in Thailand. Unknowingly i bought one of them.
It is till one of my most disgusting travel memories. From time to time I share this experience with others…

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April 18, 2012


by kaiconfusion

We have stayed 4 weeks at the Panya Project now.
Time for some changes.
After extending our Thai visa  in Chiang Mai together today, Kathie has left for probably two to three weeks to
another project called New Life Foundation to volunteer and take another retreat focused on yoga, meditation
and natural building. (

I have asked the community of Panya to stay as a mid-term volunteer and been accepted!
That means, I will at least stay for another two month or longer. I will start to take part in decision making,
take responsibilities, and be a part of the community and help improving and sustaining the project.
I am very excited about it and so happy! I am looking forward to all the learning and teaching and just to being here.
Kathie is also going to come back, to stay longer after her retreat is over. It’s been a great day full of inspirations,
amazing conversations and new inputs.
I am gratefully happy to be given this opportunity to be part of this inspirational project.
I will write a lot more about Panya and post a lots of pictures and information’s about how life works here
and what projects we are working on….

Apart from these changes there are other more trivial ones. I finally cut of a good bit of my dreads which had
totally evolved into a carpet of hairs. The rest will come off too, when the time feels right.

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