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Food is one of the very few things of all the things we consume for pleasure
or recreation which is relatively hard to get around.
Not everyone can, grow it’s own food, most people probably never think
about it. It’s a topic yet with to little importance for most people.
Of the many things we spend money on in our everyday life’s, food and water
are by far the most important ones! It defines our health and well being.
Why don’t we thing more about what we eat and need? and where the
food we consume comes from and who produced it? It would be just
such a natural thing to do, it’s our instincts. So often they seem to
be shut off or hallucinate. For instance every time we bite in a burger
or eat super cheap frozen ready made food or any other cheap junk.
We are bombarded with misleading advertisement and brainwashing
images of happy healthy people. Unreal desires have been created by
the industries and through target marketing. Every kid knows McDonald’s.
I believe even though there is a huge wall ahead of us that tries to prevent
us from looking behind it, we can and we should.
Food place a much more important role then one might think.
It’s a huge industry, probably the most important factor for the future
of the planet. Its such an important and complex topic it can not be told by just
one person and not in a few words but since it is still so close to us every day
it certainly can be understood and by far most important it can be changed!
Be the change.

A few must see! documentaries.

1.The world according to Monsanto

Monsanto: Mit Gift und Genen (1/8) – Arte Dokumentation


2.We feed the world


3.Food. Inc.

Food Inc Was essen wir wirklich 


Good Food, Bad Food – Anleitung für eine bessere Landwirtschaft


The future of food

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