With this page I just want to quickly guide you through the blog! 
I still find it quite challenging to know how to use all these features a website can accommodated.
Also things that I do sometimes end up in confusion like a big fat ball of yarn s Io just want to make sure
you at least know what it’s all about..(if you think these explanations are retarded just skip them!)

structure of the blog

Pages vs. posts

When ever you open my blogs front page you will see the header picture and two rows with text underneath.
These will always show the newest posts.
Posts are entries listed in reverse chronological order on the blog home page.
They will primarily be about our journey and will be like the news. On the right hand side of the blog you can find the column’s, topics and recent post they will bring you where you want to go also the tags column can be helpful.
The post on the front pages are only excerpts of the posts!
To  see the entire post click on the headline or 
the read more button at the bottom of most  posts…

Right underneath the heading picture are the pages like Home, About, Consumerism etc…
Pages are static and are not listed by date. They are a way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an About page.
Pages can include sub pages or links, they can lead to other pages with a static content or link to posts under that relevant topic. Other then post, pages will stay more or less static. I will update them only from time to time.
Here you could for instance find documentaries or films to watch and side information’s and further links etc…
according to the topic of the page. There might be texts and photographs written and taken by me or solely information’s from other sources or both mixed together.
You can also write a comment on the specific topic or add information’s and even start discussions.

With pages for example about permaculture or consumerism I am trying to collect and provided information’s about  the topic that I have found surfing the internet or from reading books etc.
So we can easier access information’s and learn new things and most importantly share our collective knowledge!

The pages will be worthwhile looking at.

At the end of each post or page there will be a column for comments. Everyone can comment on everything.

If you press the follow button you can subscribe to the blog by typing in your e-mail address.

In every post or on every page there will be words underlined with dots.
These are mostly links to Wikipedia even though the link will be to an English article you can change the language in the left column in Wikipedia. Sometime the links lead to Google maps or other websites.

Can be found at the bottom of posts


You will find it all out if you take some time to look around. Please do!
…Only that makes the whole work worthwhile.

Share and comment and participate!

Even though the blog is not quite fully realized yet, it is slowly growing and never to be completed!

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