What do I mean with network ???


As I have tried to describe here, have I started this blog to connect people with each other and to grow a bit of awareness at least about the things that I believe I am aware of.

I am dreaming of a life pretty much aside from this existing society in an as self-sufficient, sustainable way
based on permacultural and traditional ways and ideas, a life of  independence and autonomy.
Big words and goals but why not try the impossible?!

Since I don’t just want create my own little happy shell I want to find and encourage others.
So with this blog I want to create an Idea about who and what I am, in order to connect with others
with similar ideas and thoughts not with similar personalities!

So, the network that I hope to create together, is mainly to find people and places to do that!

With the trip that I have just started (05/12/12), I connect some specific interests that might give me a direction.
I want to gain knowledge about lots of different things that I think belong together.
At the same time I want to share my knowledge and the knowledge that will be shared with me.

The hope that I connect with this website is that the much not very beloved work behind the screen
makes sense and hits some of the goals I connect with it.

I want to encourage everyone to share knowledge and ideas  and participate  with the blog!!! a guest author for instance or just through comments or e-mail! send me links and similar stuff!

If I find new projects and people I want to put them on a link page (only who wants of course)
so everyone interested can easier access sources of information and especially get in contact!

Any suggestion, questions and interest on anything will be gladly received!

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