Consultancy/ Permaculture designs/ Implementation/ Teaching & workshops


Off and on site consultancy

Permaculture designs

I offer Permaculture designs for less than an acre of land. I am most knowledgeable in the cold temperate climate however I have worked and lived in tropical and arid climates as well.


At present I offer building and installation of wood structures and furnitures, retaining walls, garden beds, planting of gardens, planting of trees and shrubs, small hand dug Swales, compost bays, pruning, fire wood cutting, mulching, ….

My range of skills is broad which helps for the creation of complex functional systems but makes me less time efficient in the implementation. Most installations are my own designs.

Teaching & workshops for small groups covering

basics of Permaculture

how to compost

how to start a garden

retrofitting and energy efficient design and effective space use basics

survival and foraging basics


For any questions or inquiries just contact me via e-mail or any other contact options.

  • If you want advice or an opinion just send and e-mail and I am happy to help if I can.

  • If you would like to hire me for consultancy, design, implementation or teaching sessions just contact me via e-mail and we arrange a Skype session to talk.

  • For comments please in the comment section at the bottom of the page.

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