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Table of content

1. Ray Mears, English survival expert and TV presenter
2. Les Hiddins aka Bushtucker Man
3. Les Stroud – in Survivorman
4. Bear Grylls – in Men vs. wild


1. Ray Mears

Ray Mears in my opinion is one of the best, if not the best TV presenter in his field!

Ray Mears: Extreme Survival

Ray Mears: Extreme SurvivalIf you like Survivorman (Les Stroud) you’ll like Extreme Survival. It’s a survival television series hosted by Ray Mears, where he demonstrates his wilderness skills and shares amazing tales of survival from some of the world’s most menacing environments.

His journeys have take him to the farthest corners of the earth, encountering indigenous peoples who embody his philosophy and live in tune with their natural environment.

Jungles can be daunting places for the uninitiated. Ray explains the fundamental skills of jungle survival and recounts the harrowing tale of 10 men who escaped a WWII prisoner of war camp, crossing dense jungle without the benefits of survival training.

The arctic is a beautiful region of our planet, a area in which we must understand the mechanisms of staying warm. Ray demonstrates skills whilst visiting the Swedish Army Survival Instructors Course in Lapland.

The most important thing to take with you on any journey is a positive mental attitude. Ray tells of a family that were shipwrecked on the coast of Alaska in winter; ultimately their survival would depend upon their belief in each other, overcoming odds that the text books would have predicted as impossible.

Season One


Season Two


Season Three


Other TV series’s:






  • Bush Tucker Man, Series One (1988 )

Episode 1: Arnhem Land (Aborigines of Ngukurr, NT)
Episode 2: The Wet in Port Keats (Northwest Northern Territory in the Wet Season)
Episode 3: Desert (Desert Country)
Episode 4: Prince Regent Gorge (Heart of the Kimberley)
Episode 5: Rain Forest (Rainforest at Iron Range)
Episode 6: Coastal (Northern Queensland Coastline)
Episode 7: Doomadgee (Gulf Country)
Episode 8: Aurukun (West Coast of Cape York)

  • Bush Tucker Man, Series Two (1990)

Episode 1: Wet Season
Episode 2: East To West
Episode 3: Kimberley
Episode 4: Top End
Episode 5: Wildman
Episode 6: Coastal Story
Episode 7: Desert Story

  • Bush Tucker Man – Stories of Survival (1996)

Episode 1: The Coffee Royal Affair
Episode 2: The Cannibal Convict
Episode 3: The Great Misadventure
Episode 4: The Best of Them All
Episode 5: The Dutch Settlement
Episode 6: Gold Fever
Episode 7: The Passionate Prussian
Episode 8: Into The Vilest Country



SurvivormanThe award-winning Survivorman follows outdoor enthusiast and survival expert Les Stroud as he is abandoned for a week in a remote location with no supplies – no food, no fresh water, and no matches.

While stranded in the middle of nowhere Les must document his experience with his unique one-person camera rig and 50 pounds of camera equipment.

Each new location presents a new set of obstacles for Les with such diverse climates as the Costa Rican rainforest to the Arctic ice floes.

Les Stroud shows you the basics of wilderness survival in a variety of different situations. While he may not cover every possible scenario (he pretty well sticks to what he encounters), Les shows you at least one way to start a fire in each different habit (i.e. each episode) as well as covering major hazards you would face given the time of year and the location.

If you are an outdoors enthusiast, this will provide a great deal of entertainment. However, a student of wilderness survival will truly appreciate everything the Survivorman does.

Best click here [] for more YouTube playlists…

Season 1


Season 2


Season 3


Survivorman Specials



Bear Grylls

Man vs. Wild


Man vs. WildWith little more than the clothes on his back, survival expert Bear Grylls goes toe-to-toe with some of Earth’s toughest, most remote environments in each edge-of-your-seat episode of MAN VS. WILD. Grylls faces sweltering desert temperatures, icy, raging rivers and hungry predators as he fights for survival using techniques he learned as a British Special Forces soldier. You’ll never look at the great outdoors the same way again!



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