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November 20, 2012

Lake Toba – Sumatra Indonesia – a photo perspective

by kaiconfusion

A photographic journey of our travels at amazing lake Toba Sumatra Indonesia





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October 31, 2012

Bye Bye Asia! Hello Australia! Living Nomadic…

by kaiconfusion

After 11 month in the mids and depths of Asian culture, the day to move on is finally there!Backpacks packed and ready for Australia!
The day our trip takes me back to Oz and Kathie the first time in her life south of the equator!

Today, the 31th of October at 23:30 we will take off from this city of hustle and bustle Kuala Lumpur to PerthAustralia – the most remote capital on the planet. Once we will leave Perth behind us, we will finally leave the cities for a good long time up to nearly a year perhaps. Right in time for the in great anticipation awaited end of the Mayan calendar.
Not that I would believe in apocalyptic theories for that day, but I believe in the permanence of insecurity of cities.

However we are really excited for this new big episode in our lives and travels. Today we take off to Oz to stay down under for the anticipated next two years at least. We will be living in Australia and New Zealand that has the combined land mass of Europe and the population of Scandinavia!
So excited! Space! Nature! Wilderness! Breathing freely! …to an extend seldom found anywhere else in the world today!
We are looking forward to own a house on wheels, that gives us total independence – out there in the bush! Taking our nomadic life style to a greater level!

This short film NOMADISM is made by my friend Marty who I met in 2009 in Bali.  He and his girlfriend Jeanette have become one of my most beautiful travel acquaintances. Coincidentally we had planed to be in Kuala Lumpur at the same time! Thus this last week of October, so incredibly, we did meet again! We spend the last days in Kuala Lumpur together in amazement.
Marty is a really great photographer! Enjoy his work – NOMADISM !

We will take so much positive ideas and inspirations from Asia! It was an incredible journey so full of amazing ideas, thought and feelings. We have learned so incredibly much! I have changed more and faster than ever before! Both of us have grown incredibly.
Non of what we have experience, I had ever expected despite of having been travelling extensively for more than two years before. Everything was different on this journey. So different again! It is beautiful.

This journey has lead me to find what I have been looking for, for so long. I am on my path. I am not a blind man among blind man any more. Still blindfolded though, I am now stumbling with intention and direction – towards something I sense is good!

We have gained so much more freedom in this year. Leaving our alcohol and nicotine addictions behind us, strengthening our fight against the misbelieves

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October 28, 2012

Danau Maninjau – Sumatra Indonesia – Photographic Journal

by kaiconfusion

A photographic collection of impressions from our Indonesia journey in Sumatra at Lake Maninjau near Bukittinggi.
Pollution has left its toll on the lake but the scenery is still breathtaking.

Danau Maninjau - Sumatra IndonesiaLake Maninjau - Sumatra Indonesia - Photo BlogDanau Maninjau - Sumatra IndonesiaLake Maninjau - Sumatra Indonesia - Photo Blog

Lake Maninjau (Danau Maninjau) is one of the worlds most imposing lakes with a volcanic origin. It is an impressive site and an incredible imagination that lake Maninjau is in fact a volcano crater that over time has filled up with water. In comparison to Lake Toba (Danau Toba) the worlds biggest volcanic lake also in Sumatra, lake Maninjau is lake Tobas small brother featuring a more comprehensible size. Here one can still grasp the size and believe that it is indeed a volcano crater.
The beauty of the scenery and the quality of the water has sadly been spoiled due to heavy pollution by the locals. The water of the lake isn’t  clean especially for a remote huge lake that lake Maninjau is. Fish farms have been established in large quantities and overfishing and a growing need for money should be the reasons for that. The introduction of plastic products and chemicals in detergents, lack of sewage systems, pesticides for farming and other things, into an environment that had largely been living self-sufficient comes with price for the environment and for the people. With little knowledge, money and only few facilities for the disposal of garbage and waste water, garbage is burned and the remnants washed back into the lake. Everything is bound to end up in the lake! The burning of plastic quickly becomes apparent to every traveller in Indonesia as it is common daily practise in nearly every household outside of the city. Even though there aren’t so many people but since there are plastic fires smouldering nearly non stop in combination with the pollution of the traffic, the air in Sumatra has become really terrible and must be a real health hazard for Indonesian people!
It seems as if the lake Maninjau and that might be true for the entire Sumatra island, will have to endure heavy pollution and destruction just as so many other places in Asia too, before people will understand that they are only hurting themselves .
It is sad to see, though I don’t think the locals are to blame to harshly. Many of them still don’t know better and they have to fight for their survival everyday. It is us that could try to support them, not having to make the same mistakes that others already did, with all that hardship related to it.
Nevertheless Sumatras unique wilderness and natural beauty is still present and for us and for all living creatures to enjoy and to protect!

Danau Maninjau - Sumatra Indonesia

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July 30, 2012

PANYA PROJECT ::: VI. Site and surrounding

by kaiconfusion

Table of contentIMG_3635


This is the last of the series of 6 posts that I have written about the Permaculture Project Panya in northern Thailand.
I wrote it as inspiration for people seeking answers to problems that become more and more apparent to everyone of us. Peak oil and energy crisis, pollution, social segregation and isolation, contaminated food, environmental exploitation and destruction among many others.
A sustainable life and future is possible however. Life can be so easy if we only wake up from this bad dream and realise and see real beauty happiness and freedom.
With every of the 6 posts I want to show and explain alternatives to some of the most obvious problems we might face when considering to change our life to the better. There are so many alternatives out there I can only scratch the surface with this.
I have found unbelievable strength and beauty and meaning and answers in Permaculture. I am living it and breathing it and I want to dedicate my life spreading it.
This post is a flood of images in contrast to the floods of words in the last posts. I hope you like it and you are more than welcome to leave a comment or feedback. Thank You! Kai.


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July 13, 2012

PANYA PROJECT ::: V. Community Living

by kaiconfusion

Table of contentsIMG_3581


Written by the author of
currently (2012)  working at the Panya Project. Photos and editing by kaiconfusion.

In the last four posts I have tried to introduce into important practical aspects of alternative and sustainably living. In this 5th post Mich
and I, are trying to introduce in how we can live together and how such life can be organized which is just as well a very important aspect of sustainably living, again at the example of the Panya Project and this time the community.

In Permaculture there are three core values:

  • Earthcare – recognising that the Earth is the source of all life (and is possibly itself a living entity- see Gaia theory) and respecting her accordingly.
  • Peoplecare – supporting and helping each other to change to ways of living that are not harming ourselves or the planet, and realizing that we are a part of the Earth, not apart from it.

Thus Permaculture is not just gardening or agriculture, it is a holistic and sustainable design system in which humans and community are a very important factor within the entirety of the complex interconnectedness of all life.

Panya Community

Besides being a Pemaculture education center, the members of the Panya Project form an intentional community which integrates living and working together, sharing responsibilities, profits from courses, meals, decision-making and more.

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April 25, 2012

black eggs

by kaiconfusion

Once upon a time some unknown stranger had the crazy idea to turn a conventional chicken egg into a black wired egg.
I came across these eggs a couple of years ago in Thailand. Unknowingly i bought one of them.
It is till one of my most disgusting travel memories. From time to time I share this experience with others…

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April 18, 2012


by kaiconfusion

We have stayed 4 weeks at the Panya Project now.
Time for some changes.
After extending our Thai visa  in Chiang Mai together today, Kathie has left for probably two to three weeks to
another project called New Life Foundation to volunteer and take another retreat focused on yoga, meditation
and natural building. (

I have asked the community of Panya to stay as a mid-term volunteer and been accepted!
That means, I will at least stay for another two month or longer. I will start to take part in decision making,
take responsibilities, and be a part of the community and help improving and sustaining the project.
I am very excited about it and so happy! I am looking forward to all the learning and teaching and just to being here.
Kathie is also going to come back, to stay longer after her retreat is over. It’s been a great day full of inspirations,
amazing conversations and new inputs.
I am gratefully happy to be given this opportunity to be part of this inspirational project.
I will write a lot more about Panya and post a lots of pictures and information’s about how life works here
and what projects we are working on….

Apart from these changes there are other more trivial ones. I finally cut of a good bit of my dreads which had
totally evolved into a carpet of hairs. The rest will come off too, when the time feels right.

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March 23, 2012

Suan Mokkh Meditation Retreat

by kaiconfusion

What is an meditation retreat?

In Buddhism

A retreat can either be a time of solitude or a community experience. Some retreats are held in silence, and on others there may be a great deal of conversation, depending on the understanding and accepted practices of the host facility and/or the participant(s). Retreats are often conducted at rural or remote locations, either privately, or at a retreat centre such as a monastery. Some retreats for advanced practitioners may be undertaken in darkness, a form of retreat that is common as an advanced Dzogchen practice in the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

Spiritual retreats allow time for reflection, prayer, or meditation. They are considered essential in Buddhism,[2] having been a common practice since the Vassa, or rainy season retreat, was established by the founder of Buddhism, Gotama Buddha. In Zen Buddhism retreats are known as sesshin.   (

Meditation hall #5 – were we have been sitting for most of the 10 days retreat.

Basic Rules at the international hermitage Suan Mokkh

During the retreat, all participants are required to observe some basic rules. This is for the ben­e­fit of everyone – a very important part of getting you to the right frame of mind for med­ita­tion – and because you will be staying on monastery grounds. You must:

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