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December 26, 2016


by kaiconfusion

Permaculture in South America, sustainability in Brazil, exploring wild nature, experiencing rural life, trying to understand the contrast between the rich and the poor, working to revive an old family farm, working as Permaculture Designer in Brazil, getting to know Megacity Sao Paulo, finding out if Brazil could be a permanent home for me and so much more are some of the topics that interest me while living in Brazil …

Of course, after the first almost two month here, there are a lot of new stories to tell, to many to squeeze into one blog post so I will post a couple and split them up into chapters …


Sao Paulo is one of the largest Megacities in the world. The metropolis area has an estimated population of 35 million people.


A city highway build without much thought, creating a city canyon that funnels the noise of the traffic that turns the road into a noise monster, that forced the authorities to close the road at night and weekends. The public fought for the right to open the road during those times for pedestrians. People use the empty 3.5km long highway to bike, walk their dogs, play soccer and even for barbecues and some people even set up swimming pools and take a bath!


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