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December 10, 2013

Survival bushcraft camping adventure in cold outdoors of Sweden

by kaiconfusion

About 3 weeks survival camping in cold Sweden – Applied Bushcraft skills without tent, gas or matches… No roof, no walls, no heater, no telephone, no stove, no sleeping pad…

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This story is about a Bushcraft trip we made two years ago in Sweden in November 2011. The conditions weren’t really pleasant 9,5h of daylight, temperature plummeting below zero in the night almost constant fog and cloud cover and high humidity. The last days before we walked back to civilization the lake we made camp next to started to freeze in. It’ll be hard but I’ll try not to narrate to long….

For more detailed information’s about Bushcraft click on PAGES – How to build Shelters, How to find water, How to find Food, How to make Fire and How we build Boats… !


I developed the idea for this trip in the past years as I started to deeply concern myself with the philosophy of self-reliance and primitivism, bushcraft and survival skills. The interest in this is rooted in my personal analysis and interpretation of the dis-functionality of our modern times society and represents a central key to solve this dysfunctional dependency toward a self governed sustainable life. SEE – ANARCHO PRIMITIVISM

The idea magnificient landscape swedenWe wanted to head out to a relatively remote spot to live there in a down to earth reality. We wanted to practise our skills on how to live in the forest with a minimum of gear in an already harsh climate. November in Sweden is dark cold grey and wet. Perfect conditions for a great adventure! No roof, no telephone, no heater, no tent, no gas cooker, no sleeping pad… Prior to the trip I was searching on maps for a spot seclude and far from humane settlements in a distance from Berlin still able to reach without air plane and within our budget. Apart from that I searched for a good entry and exit point and a water way such as a river on which we could travel, that would help us navigate and that would supply us with water!

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November 6, 2012

What is Bushcraft?

by kaiconfusion

I have recently updated the Pages about BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL within my BLOG
Finally I have created a PAGE about




I hope you will have the time to look into it and like it!

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October 12, 2012

Why Permaculture? …a glance at our society.

by kaiconfusion

Deeper Understanding of the Necessity of Permaculture and the attainment of Survival Skills in times of inevitable drastic changes

Hidden behind the concept of Permaculture and also Bushcraft and Survival, is a discipline that attempts to learn, teach and apply knowledge and skills that enables us humans to live and survive in any suitable environment through the implementation of skill, knowledge, deep understanding of nature and wisdom acquired, without having to rely on factors other than provided by nature.

The heart of Philosophies and Ways of life like Permaculture, Bushcraft, Simple living etc. is self reliance and sustainability. Consequently the ability not having to dependent on many if not any Thing or anyone other than a local comprehensible community of people working together and what is provided by nature.

This Philosophy comes as a consequence of our thoughless consumption and destruction of nature but also is a
revival of ideas and philosophys of many indegenious cultures and peoples.
Permaculture and Survival  are based on ideas and skills that go back to the hundreds and thousands of years without discarding the positive achievements of our modern days!

Looking at these Philosophies from the perspective of our modern society this would likely be considered crazy and possibly completely unnecessary, too. Though acquiring such skill and knowledge incorporated in Permaculture like building and finding shelter, how to find water and how to make it drinkable, fire making, finding and processing food as well as being able to heal ourselves with plants that grow naturally, are essential knowledge to everyone of us as they only!  represent our basic and most important everyday needs!

All of these basic needs, I think, should be basic skills and knowledge for everyone again. It still is common knowledge to many people around the world and it always has been.

To raise the question of who might have an advantage in an energy decent world, either the so called developed world or the so called developing world almost seems sarcastic!

Only in the past about 100 years this knowledge has lost it’s global importance leaving our young generations completely unprepared for a long time of drastic change in the future! Due to the vast exploitation of natural non renewable resources

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