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August 9, 2015

One documentary per week – # 2 – ” Farm for the future”

by kaiconfusion

A Farm for the Future (Deutsche Untertitel)

50min – 2009 – BBC

This is number two of the ” One documentary per week series”.
For some time now every Sunday I will suggest one documentary for us to watch sometime during the course of the week. Each of the films I choose, is one that I regard as must see and must know abouts. Where possible they will be in English and German or at least also with German subtitles!
In our daily lives, the concerns of the world can be easily forgotten since they seem so far away. Taking an hour a week to learn something new or to be inspired or to be touched, is a great investment of our precious life time!
Even if sad information can be hard to take, often the solutions are just around the bend and start in our own backyards and with our day to day life choices! “Think global – act local” is more true and important than ever!
All these wonderful documentaries can help us to understand the big picture while showing us what you and I can do about it!
As we are watching these films, we can have discussions about the documentaries that we have watched or share links to interesting projects that deal with those issues and that are part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
I hope you will enjoy this idea and participate, share and embrace it! Enjoy watching!

Wildlife film maker Rebecca Hosking investigates how to transform her family’s farm in Devon into a low energy farm for the future, and discovers that nature holds the key.

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December 20, 2013


by kaiconfusion

This story is about contemporary working and living realities on Australian farms. About working and travelling in Australia, farm work, fair wages, working conditions and conventional farming vs. sustainable farming methods…
A story and photo collage about farm work on a farm in Donnybrook in Western Australia with insides on working conditions and foreign workers exploitation not on a permaculture or organic farm but on a conventional farm.
Farming methods with sprays and disregard for people and nature that causes land erosion, pollution, destruction and workers exploitation and discrimination. All that is part of the reality of how food comes to our tables from ploughing to sowing over weeding, picking, washing and selling. All done without honourable ethics like the ones of permaculture but with nothing but greed for money. Our farm does not represent the all agriculture but after having talked to many workers in this sectors, stories like ours and much worse seem to be very common…

Kathie and I have compromised with many perhaps to many things while working for this farmer family. Our goals and our own virtues in mind we just kept going no matter what as long as we could. We came to Australia with the idea
already set in out mind to, as quickly as possible find and buy a car – leave the city –
get a job that would provide us with enough work for full-time employment for 3 to 4 month to save up heaps.
This plan worked out but not as smoothly as we had hoped …
farm work australia work and travel jobs
Right from the start we learned that conditions on the farm will be tough. No one really minded to work hard but the way workers were treated by this family were absolutely subhuman.

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October 12, 2012

Why Permaculture? …a glance at our society.

by kaiconfusion

Deeper Understanding of the Necessity of Permaculture and the attainment of Survival Skills in times of inevitable drastic changes

Hidden behind the concept of Permaculture and also Bushcraft and Survival, is a discipline that attempts to learn, teach and apply knowledge and skills that enables us humans to live and survive in any suitable environment through the implementation of skill, knowledge, deep understanding of nature and wisdom acquired, without having to rely on factors other than provided by nature.

The heart of Philosophies and Ways of life like Permaculture, Bushcraft, Simple living etc. is self reliance and sustainability. Consequently the ability not having to dependent on many if not any Thing or anyone other than a local comprehensible community of people working together and what is provided by nature.

This Philosophy comes as a consequence of our thoughless consumption and destruction of nature but also is a
revival of ideas and philosophys of many indegenious cultures and peoples.
Permaculture and Survival  are based on ideas and skills that go back to the hundreds and thousands of years without discarding the positive achievements of our modern days!

Looking at these Philosophies from the perspective of our modern society this would likely be considered crazy and possibly completely unnecessary, too. Though acquiring such skill and knowledge incorporated in Permaculture like building and finding shelter, how to find water and how to make it drinkable, fire making, finding and processing food as well as being able to heal ourselves with plants that grow naturally, are essential knowledge to everyone of us as they only!  represent our basic and most important everyday needs!

All of these basic needs, I think, should be basic skills and knowledge for everyone again. It still is common knowledge to many people around the world and it always has been.

To raise the question of who might have an advantage in an energy decent world, either the so called developed world or the so called developing world almost seems sarcastic!

Only in the past about 100 years this knowledge has lost it’s global importance leaving our young generations completely unprepared for a long time of drastic change in the future! Due to the vast exploitation of natural non renewable resources

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September 3, 2012

TACOMEPAI – traditional organic Thai farm

by kaiconfusion


Photographs of Tacomepai and links to other projects at the end of the article…

Since we have set out on this journey, our Ideas on how to live and travel have fundamentally changed.
We have grown so much more conscious about so many things. Life feels so much more real, happy, meaningful and great. Both of our lives have changed a lot through discovering these new and deep perspectives of life that we have found in experiencing permaculture at the Panya project and other places, learning and understanding meditation and spirituality, staying in nature and meeting all these energetic, like minded awakened people living for positive change!

We left the Panya Project for Tacomepai near Pai (Northern Thailand). IMG_4307
Tacomepai is not a farm in the sense of food production for profit neither are Panya or Pun Pun or any other projects that we have visited. That’s important to know to understand why we all of a sudden are so much into farms. That’s also why we call them by a different name like permaculture place or project or sustainability projects etc.
So what is Tacomepai then?
Tacomepai is a traditional organic community farm run by a local Yon family. It also is a living space for anyone who wants to learn from and stay with Sandot, the owner, how to live, build, teach, eat healthy, learn about wild foods etc. in a sustainable way with a lot of freedom, independence of much money, happiness and in balance with nature.

IMG_4084Sandots philosophy in short is back to nature, back to the forest and keeping traditions and local knowledge alive.
Living a simple life, sustainable and self sufficient with nature rather than against her! He really is a creative inspiriting happy character.
The farm is about 15 acre in size. He has rice paddies, where he grows organic sticky rice which he plants once a year with a seed ball method similar to Fukuoka.
The rest of Tacomepai, about two thirds of the land, is reforested and pretty wild. He doesn’t have annual gardens since in his opinion only what grows naturally is strong and healthy and that is what he eats.
Volunteers however mostly feed from vegetables from the market and rice from the farm.
There are many huts spread around the property all build in traditional hill tribe style. The whole farm has a very rural feel to it and life is very close to nature. Sandot is a very dedicated person trying to share his knowledge and visions and educate the local community, farmers and of course the many foreign volunteers that come visit.
Sandot has recently started a new project near Tacomepai. It’s primary goals are reforestation,
education and promotion of alternative and sustainable farming and living!!!
The big dream is to create a new eco village.
There is plenty of opportunity to help, learn and also to live there and create and realize own ideas!

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