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August 19, 2016

Urban Permaculture transformation

by kaiconfusion

It’s done! We did it! All building projects are completed and the garden is growing uncontrollably! Check it out!



After picture taken on the 20th of June 2016! – (11month later)


Before picture taken end of July 2015


Between summer 2015 and summer 2016 I had the pleasure to re-design and re-build the urban 690m2 home of my brother’s family in Berlin. The focus of the design was everything surrounding the house, lifestyle and behaviour changes and reconsiderations of resource and energy uses.

After an initial consultancy including an interview, I spend several weeks analysing the property and doing a lot of basic work in preparation of 2016th design installations. The design and implementation plan I drew up over winter.

Between April and June we build an entrance ramp and replaced and old stairway, we build wodden and stone retaining walls, a large insect hotel and a little bat house, created soil, created gardens, planted nearly 100 different vegetables and herbs, dismantled dysfunctional elements, replaced and repositioned others. We suggested many changes such as subscribing to a CSA, a solar system which was installed in Oct 2015, to go dumpster diving, to use a worm farm and to recycle all compost waste through garden composting. We have turned more than 75% of the available area into productive organic gardens, created a lot of soil, build a shed for tools and another one for bicycles and beautified eyesores. We created spaces for the children to play and plenty of places for wildlife to thrive. We have cared for the earth, cared for people and we now can share some surplus !

Enjoy looking through the images and feel free to comment. I am happy to answer questions !

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March 16, 2016


by kaiconfusion

Birnhornweg Areal View


In time for beginning of spring from April 2016, after having spend much of the winter designing my brother’s urban property in Berlin, I will start to build what I have designed on paper and engage into my second larger transformative experiment with permaculture. (THE FIRST EXPERIMENT)

Permaculture Design

The Design Process

Permaculture is a design science that aims to redesign our way of life through our understanding of the ecosystems.

The world is changing fast and those changes are not always to our benefit. The excessive wealth and conveniences of a few are seriously damaging the lives of many today and risking to destroy the future for all.

There are many dark scenarios for the future and the reality gives us a good idea of how Bad that can look like. The sooner we accept that, we can become the architects and designers of this change and create the world we Do want.

It is time to wake up to the fact that we are the ones who have to do it. There is NO looking or hiding away from it! The crisis has long arrived at our door steps. It is more important than ever to look forward and take our fortunes back in our own hands! Why don’t we turn our fears into our greatest strength? Permaculture is here to help us design this world that we want – Now!

This is not about landscape gardening, this is political!

Entrance view


This project is only a small contribution and directed at my own family primarily. But there is plenty of space for FAIR SHARE !

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November 27, 2013


by kaiconfusion

About aspects of sustainable living in Perth – about permaculture projects, urbane permaculture, dumpster diving, community projects, low impact life, organic gardening, urbane culture and how we have explored it all as travellers…

I am writing this now that I have time. A lot of time. I am in kind of political social economic – you name it – refugee kind of state. I had to rush to leave Australia because my permission to be a legal alien within the boundaries of the continent had expired. I have overstayed my visa illegally – of course – and now I am at the mercy of the civil servants of the department of immigration to grand me re-entry. My refuge island is Bali in Indonesia – I know it could be much worse.
Our car is parked at Darwin airport since November 10th and the parking meter is ticking at a rate of 12$ a day!
It has been 16 days now since I have left the Commonwealth and still no visa. I wait and with the gift of time I can now after one year without writing a single word try the retrospective and tell our story of one year in Australia…

Life with nature - kai confusion
After nearly one year in South East Asia that led us deeper into the world of sustainability, spirituality, health, ecology,
community living, permaculture and so many interesting ideas more, that only enriched our awareness and meaning in
life, we only had a deepened urge for a simple life with as little impact as possible on the biosphere as we live and travel in Australia.

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